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* What health effects there are at a person, community, and global levels. Also discuss the social, economic and environmental effects (determinants) that then affect health.

Assessment task: Essay

Critically examine one key global public health issue, the key factors influencing it, the role of global institutions, and the global health policies and programmes developed to tackle them.


• Introduction

• Background

o What is global public health? Definition, criticisms, key themes and issues about what global public health means…

o Define your global health issue (malaria, diabetes…)

* What it is

* What health effects there are at a person,  community, and global levels. Also discuss  the social, economic and environmental effects (determinants) that then affect health.  

o Why is your global health issue important?

* Use global statistics on your global health issue  (and regional if you think its relevant).

* Discuss key trends in how that issue has developed over time (past, present, future).

* What  are the main global drivers of your global health issue.

• How is your global health issue being tackled (from a public health perspective)

o What is the global policy related to your global health issue

o Who are the key global actors (could also be regional and national) relevant to your global health issue and what do they do, what role do they play?

o Identify key prevention approaches that are currently used to tackle your global health issue (where appropriate you can discuss early diagnosis and prevention - prophylactic - medical treatment as prevention approaches) 

o What criticisms are being made about the policy, actors and prevention approaches.

o What evaluations have been carried out on the policy and prevention approaches and what did they find.

o What are new prevention approaches are being researched currently.

• Conclusion

o Wrap up of your opinion and thinking on future policies and approaches.


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