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Write a paper that analyzes a specific federal Indian policy issue.

By using and referring to Legislation and Important Court Cases, Students are expected to write a paper that analyzes a specific federal Indian policy issue.

Research Paper: Students are expected to write a paper that analyzes a SPECIFIC federal Indian policy issue. The research papers NEED to include a bibliography. Students are expected to use three sources besides the required text books. REFER TO STEP 4 BELOW. 
Textbook: (Canby, William C. Jr. American Indian Law in a Nutshell. St. Paul, MN: West Publishing, 2015. 6th Edition.). 

1.) Introduction/Thesis: Is your thesis statement clearly stated? (For example, if writing about taxes on Indians: "In this essay I am going to focus on the issue of taxation in Indian Country.") That is, does it define a specific policy issue, focus your approach to the policy issue, and make strong connections?
2.) Organization: Does your introductory paragraph briefly & clearly set up your paper and lay out your thesis/policy issue? Does each body paragraph have a single topic that connects back to both the thesis and the previous paragraph? Is the material and the paragraphs presented in logical order?
3.) Clarity & effectiveness: Is it clear in your paper what your policy issue is? Do you succeed in clearly working through your policy issue? Are examples/citations appropriate, and adequate?
4.) Correct use of sources: Do you use the required number of sources(A minimum of one court case, one piece of legislation, and a book )? Do you accurately represent their information and ideas? Do you cite them correctly and place citations from them in context? Do you use them to re-enforce your policy issue?
5.) Grammar, Spelling, and Mechanics: Is your essay typed, double-spaced,using a standard 12-point font? Is it the proper page length 5 to 7 pages? Is your essay correctly punctuated? Is everything spelled correctly?

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