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You are asked to critically analyse the reward environment of the case firm - “Green Fingers Garden Centres”, and design a suitable reward system, which will demonstrate good practice in serving the future needs of the business, its clients and its

BH7626 Assignment Briefing (level 7)

Module Name

Resourcing, talent and reward management

Module Code


Assignment Title

Reward Management Case Study Report

Type of Submission

Individual Report

Weighting of the assignment in the overall module grade


Word Count/Time allocation (for presentations)

2,000 (-/+10%, excluding reference list and optional appendix etc.)

Assignment Task

This assignment is a case study report.  You are asked to critically analyse the reward environment of the case firm - “Green Fingers Garden Centres”, and design a suitable reward system, which will demonstrate good practice in serving the future needs of the business, its clients and its employees. Please review the case carefully and write a report that covers the tasks attached (up to 2,000 words).

Green Fingers Garden Centres

This is a new company, set up by a group of people who worked for the biggest chains of Garden Centres in theUK, and have now decided to set up their own organisation.  They have obtained money from venture capitalist bodies, and have the ambitious aim of being one of the biggest garden centre companies in the country in the next ten years.

A number of new garden centres are being opened across the country. Initially, for the next two years at least, each garden centre will have its own autonomy in relation to a lot of human resource policies.  The centre being set up on the outskirts of Kingston will employ about 80 people when it opens in three months’ time.

As the newly appointed HR Manager, your job, amongst other things, is to put a Reward Strategy and policies in place before the first staff are recruited, so the reward strategy has to contribute to successful recruitment and selection.  The staff are expected to include a Centre Manager and two deputies, four departmental managers, a small number of administrators, 30 sales staff, team leaders, 12 kitchen and waiting staff (there will be a cafe on site), and outdoor staff, looking after plants and handling deliveries.  It is anticipated that up to a quarter of the staff will be part-time.  There are no plans to recognise trades unions.  The centre will be open from 8.00 to 6.00 pm 6 days a week, with 10. to 4.00 pm opening on Sundays.  It will be open 52 weeks of the year.

You have to prepare a report to the new central HR Director, sketching out your approach to rewards for the Kingston site.  You need to design a financial reward system for Green fingers which includes the following tasks.

  1. Analyse the reward environment and identify an overall reward strategy what will inform its reward decisions.
  2. Identify and discuss the base pay structure and other possible financial components.
  3. Justify your answer.

As you develop your report bear in mind that you will need to:

a)      Draw on the evidence reported in the case study;

b)      Be specific and justify what you propose.

c)      Explain and justify the sources of data you will need where appropriate.

d)      Consider HR as a system and therefore the practices need to be aligned and;

e)      Draw on the academic literature to support your analysis and justifications.



This assessment focuses on critically reflecting on the differing perspectives of reward management that take into account the external environment, workforce diversity, organizational strategy and professional ethics.


Suggested structure of the report

Cover page

This should include the title of your report, student number and word count. DO NOT include your name. This part is excluded from the word limit.

Content page

Provide a list of section with page numbers (excluded from the word limit).

Executive summary

Summary of your whole report, including key recommendations (excluded from the word limit).


Short introduction to the report setting out what the aims and objectives of the report are, what the report will cover and why.


  1. An overall reward strategy for Green fingers

1.1  Assess the reward environment (e.g. business drivers, internal as well as external factor that may impact on rewards…)

1.2  Identify an overall reward strategy that will inform its reward decisions

1.3  Explain and justify the sources of data you use.




  1. Design a financial reward system for Green fingers

2.1  Identify the specific financial rewards you propose to


2.2 Be specific and justify what you propose

2.3 Explain and justify the sources of data you use.



This section should draw together the main points from your analysis and recommendation and highlight how your report will contribute to help the case firm in managing employee rewards. It should reach an overall conclusion as to the extent and effectiveness of reward management in the case firm.


A full list of all sources of information used must be included (websites, books, journal articles). This should follow the Harvard system and be presented in alphabetical order by Author’s surname (excluded from the word limit).


1.5/2 line spacing and font size 12 (Arial or Times New Roman) is recommended.


The report must be up to 2000 words, excluding the cover, contents page, references and appendices. Reports that exceed this limit by more than 10%, will have 10% deducted from the mark (70% is reduced by 7 marks to 63%).

Assessment Criteria

See the attached assessment grid.

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