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You are carrying out a consultancy task for a British company that is considering setting up business in a foreign country.

You are carrying out a consultancy task for a British company that is considering setting up business in a foreign country.

The country is China, research the country`s socio-cultural environment, and suggest what cultural issues and etiquettes a UK based organisation wishing to trade with them might need to address.

In your report, you must use at least 3 concepts, theories or frameworks introduced in the following sessions of the module: Dimension of  culture, Culture and styles of management, Managing human resources in a global environment, Culture and customers in the global

market, Business communication across cultures, Managing intercultural negotiation. Each concept/theory must come from a different session.

The report should be 2,500 words (excluding references).

Examples of theories/concepts that you can use in your Report:

Session/Lecture 2: Cultural dimensions (Hofstede, Trompenaars of GLOBE)

Session/Lecture 6: Any of the 8 cultural value orientations analysed (time focus, time orientation, space, power, structure, communication, action, competition)

Session/Lecture 7: diversity management; cultural values and IHRM; HRM strategies

Session/Lecture 8: cross-border market research; meaning of brands and messages across cultures (Hoecklin’s effective communication + managing meaning matrix)

Session/Lecture 9: language during business encounters; non-verbal communication in business; assumptions and stereotypes

Session/Lecture 10: Facets of negotiation; Weiss strategic framework

How to structure your report

  1. First, you could have a brief introductory section, where you state which country you are going to focus on, and briefly outline the contents of the next sections. Also, state clearly which theories/ concepts you are going to discuss in your report. Remember: each concept/theory should come from a different session.
  2. Then, in the next section, you could speak about the country`s society and culture, obviously providing information, which are relevant to a business. This section will be mainly descriptive and this is where you can show you have conducted adequate research on your country.
  3. In the following section, you could analyse/interpret some of your findings from the previous section, using at least 3 different concepts/theories. This section could be divided into 3 sub-sections (i.e. one for each theory/concept). Just to give you an example, you could discuss 1. some cultural dimensions (Hofstede, Trompenaars or GLOBE) from lecture 2; 2. the impact of some cultural value orientation on management style from lecture 6; and 3. the impact of culture on promoting brands internationally from lecture 8.
  4. Finally, you could conclude your report with a brief section where you provide recommendations to your business, based on your findings.

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