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You are the assistant civil engineer on the construction of a new access road. An access road is to be constructed into a new quarry which is being developed in the Yorkshire Dales to the north of Skipton.

Civil Engineering Management B

2019 – 2020 

Coursework – The Quarry Road Project

This contributes 40% to the final module mark

You are the assistant civil engineer on the construction of a new access road.  An access road is to be constructed into a new quarry which is being developed in the Yorkshire Dales to the north of Skipton.  The works comprise:

10km of single carriageway flexible pavement construction with associated earthworks, fencing, drainage and kerbing

Two culverts

An Accommodation over-bridge

The diversion of a 660kV overhead electricity line.

The work is to start on the first Monday in the next calendar year with the following non-work periods:

Easter – One week

Spring Bank holiday – One week

Summer Bank Holiday – One week

Christmas and New Year – Two weeks

A five-day week will be worked.

Roadworks can continue whilst the bridge is being constructed subject to appropriate health and safety provisions being in place.

The roadworks site must be secured by temporary or permanent fencing prior to earthworks starting on any sections of cut or fill.

Surplus cut or fill will go to or come from the quarry.

There is to be a one week buffer between all roadworks operations.

To be submitted through the Coursework Hand-In system on or before 3pm on the deadline date given on the Session Schedule. Late hand-in will be rigorously penalised (Please make sure that your Microsoft Project 2016/365 Programme is submitted

Further details provided from page 5 onwards

Tom Crave

On the template provide, please prepare:

For the roadworks

A long section of the Quarry Road is attached. For this aspect of the project, please prepare:

  1. A time-Location analysis of the roadworks part of the scheme.

(You must include a list of written assumptions to detail justifications for your decision making and gang numbers used along with the time-location chart)


  1. A schedule showing when each sub-contractor is needed and how many gangs are required.

(Produced by extracting information from your time-location chart)


For the Accommodation Bridge

Details of the tasks associated with the construction of a new Accommodation Bridge, are attached.  For this aspect of the project, please prepare:

  1. A Work Breakdown structure for Accommodation Bridge, as a hardcopy diagram in your submission and also replicated within the MS Project software.


  1. A fully resourced and costed Programme of Works for the Accommodation Bridge construction.  This is to incorporate the Work Breakdown structure from above and is to be published only after suitable resource management which must be evidenced. Both a paper and an electronic copy in MS Project 2016 format are required to be submitted.

(You must include a list of written assumptions to detail justifications for your decision making/sequencing)


  1. A cumulative cashflow for the bridge construction

(extracted from the MS project file)


NEC4 Engineering & Construction Contract Application


Figure 1 Contractual arrangements for Accommodation Bridge

Figure 1 shows the contractual arrangement for the Accommodation Bridge project.  It is assumed that the subcontractors used for the accommodation bridge construction will be taken from a combination of the subcontractors already identified for the roadworks.

Townsend Managing are acting as the Project Manager for the project on behalf of the Client, Yorkshire Quarry Group Ltd, and are employed under a NEC4 Professional Services Contract (PSC).  BEDL are the statutory authority who will be responsible for designing and undertaking the diversion of the overhead electricity cables at 0.5km chainage and are also employed under a NEC4 PSC.  The main contractor, Skipton Construction, will be employed to carry out the rest of the works for the Yorkshire Quarry Group Ltd and will be employed under a NEC4 Engineering and Construction Contract (ECC).

You work for Skipton Construction.  As part of the Scope in the NEC4 ECC at tender stages, Yorkshire Quarry Group Ltd have provided some information about the project, but you would like more information to base your tender on in the form of:


  • Borehole logs around the two culvert locations
  • Structural information relating to the culverts
  • Key dates regarding the diversion to the overhead electricity cables by BEDL
  1. Write a reply to the Client requesting this outstanding information, including specific clauses within the NEC4 ECC supporting this request.


The roadworks are underway on site, and the key date that was given to by the Client for the diversion of the electricity cables is at risk of being achieved by BEDL.  There is a risk that this will affect the end date of the programme and have cost implications. 

Working in the spirit of mutual trust and cooperation (Cl. 10.2), you send an Early Warning (Cl. 15.1) to the Project Manager (Townsend Managing).  This is followed up by an Early Warning Meeting (Cl. 15.3) to discuss the risks to programme and cost of the project. 

The Project Manager does not attend this meeting. 

The Key Date given in the contract is missed.

  1. Prepare a Compensation Event notification to the Project Manager relating to this missed date.  You should include all relevant clause references from the NEC4 ECC that will support your notification.



The notification from the Compensation Event was received by the Project Manager, and you have since provided a full quotation supporting the claim.  This was approved by the Project Manager.  However, the additional costs approved in the Compensation Event were not paid on time by the Project Manager.


  1. Describe the process and relevant clauses in the NEC4 ECC that would address this missing payment, and any additional money that may be due to Skipton Construction.




Note: For the whole submission

There is a requirement for suitable presentation and commentary, including planning details and assumptions made.   Ensure that sections and headings are clear and consistent, and all pages are date referenced and numbered. Please note that any commentary/assumptions should be placed in the section they relate to.

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