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You are the Safety Team of a medium size international airline operating both long and short haul from a main operating base within the UK.

Human Factors as a Fundamental Concept in Aviation Safety

  • You are the Safety Team of a medium size international airline operating both long and short haul from a main operating base within the UK. A recent safety assurance report made comment that the airline does not have a Fatigue Risk Management System (FRMS).
  • The lack of a FRMS concerns you and your team as decided to approach the airline board to convince them why the airline needs to adopt a FRMS.
  • You are to prepare a 3000 word proposal that will be presented to the board to back up your presentation. The proposal must:
    • Provide an overview of what a FRMS should include and the legal and regulatory responsibilities of the airline to manage the fatigue of its employees.
    • Demonstrate the effects of fatigue on human performance and it’s influence on aviation safety.
    • Critically analyse 2 examples of where fatigue has been a contributory factor to an aviation accident and how an effective FRMS could have prevented the accident.
    • Critically evaluate methods of fatigue management that are employed by other airlines and provide an assessment of their effectiveness and how they work to manage fatigue.
    • Propose 5 initiatives that the airline should introduce and include a critical assessment of the pros and cons of each proposal.
    • Provide a couple of examples of emerging technologies that could be available in the near future to augment a FRMS.

Summarise your findings and proposals.

LO 1

Critically analyse the factors affecting human performance and their influence on aviation safety.

LO 2

Demonstrate the ability to identify human performance fallibilities and provide critical analysis of the extent to which they have contributed to incidents and accidents.

LO 3

Demonstrate in-depth understanding of, and explanations for, the correlations between the fundamental concepts of human psychology and physiology and aviation safety at all levels of aviation.

LO 4

Critically evaluate historical accident and identify the human error aspects of the accidents.  Demonstrate an understanding of methods and underlying human factor principles that could be employed to prevent reoccurrence.

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