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You are to select a CASE STUDY, real or hypothetical scenario. Please consider choosing a project based on whether there is sufficient scope to allow you to demonstrate the application of the wide range of tools and techniques.

Assignment Questions


Please read the Notes below before answering the questions (very important).

You are to select a CASE STUDY, real or hypothetical scenario. Please consider choosing a project based on whether there is sufficient scope to allow you to demonstrate the application of the wide range of tools and techniques.

The project (case study) selected should have no less than 20 activities. On the other hand, project that are initially perceived as being too large or broad in scope can typically be broken down to produce more than adequate scope for the purpose of this assignment.

Please go through the sample CASE STUDY (attached) to have idea of the acceptable case study. Please do not use the same case study, similar project will be ideal or any other project (new or upgrade) that can answer all the below questions.

  1. Based on the selected Case Study, You are expected to:                                                           500 Words
  • Identify and create a Business Case to support the identified project.
  • Prepare the Project Initiation Documentations (PID) of the identified project.
  • Show how risk level varies within the project life cycle stages and show, giving reasons, where the period of highest risk impact appears. 
  1. Project Planning, Implementation and Termination Phase –                                                 2000 words

From a project management perspective and using the same case study or project;

  1. Describe the scope of your project. What is the scope statement and what are the key steps in the scope statement process?  
  2. Identify the potential stakeholders for this project and discuss some of the reasons why these stakeholders’ might influence the success of the project. 
  3. Identify  and  analyse  potential  risks  associated  with  your  project  and  provide preventive action or contingency plans that may be established to reduce the impact of the risk on the success of the project.
  4. Develop a project plan for your project and document a phase review of the project plan. The project plan is to include the following, to:  
  • outline the activities that could be used to successfully plan and manage this project.
  • provide a work breakdown structure (WBS) for your project and indicate what purpose WBS serves
  • develop an activity/network diagrams. Clarify the critical path and show the project duration in days using activity numbers.
  • plot a full project Gantt chart with start and finish times and explain the benefits of using a Gantt chart.
  • critically evaluate how you would decide if a project had been successful
  • document a phase review of the project planning phase
  1. Prepare a project closure report based on the execution phase review of the identified project. What purpose does a final project report serve? What are the major elements of the final project report and what information should be contained in each one?
  2. Recommend potential improvements for future projects based on the outcome of your project evaluation



  • Please include the case study (project) used when delivery the work
  • Your work must meet up with the standard paid for – Gold (Equivalent to 1st Class)
  • No Introduction to each topic area is needed; go straight into answering the key questions asked.
  • Where necessary, each question must be answered using relevant project templates, charts and graphs, and should not be part of the word count. You can put them in the appendices
  • Use relevant Journal articles, published academic literature and some recommended Books (where necessary). Cite the following books and include them in the references: -

ü  Project management: planning and control techniques Burke, Rory, 1952- author.2013 Fifth edition

ü  Project management:  the managerial process Larson, Erik W., 1952- author. & Gray, Clifford F., author. 2014 Sixth edition.; International student edition

ü  Managing projects: building and leading the team Boddy, David, 1940-2001 2nd edition

ü  Project management Maylor, Harvey. 2010 4th edition

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