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You have been asked to carry out some consultancy work for ON THE BEACH HOLIDAYS in which you analyse and report on the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity of the company and provide recommendations for the company`s future conduct.

Assignment Details - Individual Report 60%

2500 words (not including Title, Contents page, Executive Summary or Reference list)

The aims of this task are for you to:

  • Analyse aspects of Corporate Social Responsibility which relate to your degree subject area (ie Business Management, Human Resource Management or Finance). 
  • Demonstrate the skills of researching, referencing, critical reading and report writing which have been developed during the module.

Task brief

You have been asked to carry out some consultancy work for ON THE BEACH HOLIDAYS in which you analyse and report on the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity of the company and provide recommendations for the company`s future conduct. 

This company should not have been one of the chosen companies previously used by any of your group members in Assessment 2.  

The theme of your report should be related to your degree subject discipline.  So for example you may select a telecommunications company and choose to focus on responsible business as it relates to business process, HR or finance depending upon the degree you are studying.  

Please note: If you are a student of Finance you do not necessarily need to choose a bank or other financial service company.  Any company could be acceptable, provided your investigation is focused on financial issues. 


Your report must be carefully planned and presented using the following structure:

  • Title
  • Contents page
  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction should include:
  • Some background information to explain the context of the report
  • The aims of the report
  • Definitions of any key words
  • A brief explanation of the structure of the main body


  • Literature Review
  • A discussion of frameworks and theories of CSR
  • An outline of CSR activity within the company
  • A detailed analysis of the CSR activity of the company with reference to the theories and frameworks discussed in the literature review
  • Use of examples of CSR practice of competitor companies for comparison and to support your arguments
  • Independent judgments supported by theoretical arguments and research evidence 
  • A short review of the main points of your report
  • A short review of how CSR practice is currently operating within the chosen company.
  • Possible implications for the study.
  •  Recommendations for future CSR activity within the company.
  • You must use at least 10 - 15 quality sources of information.
  • Sources should include one or two books and at least three academic journal articles
  • The references should be listed in APA 6th Harvard style.
  • Main body should include:
  • Conclusion
  • Recommendations  
  • References You must clearly evidence your sources: 




  • Case studies and other written materials relating to the students` subject specialisms
  • Subject specific articles, resources, audio and video footage (both in hard copy and web-based) from relevant newspapers and journals, the BBC and the BBC World Service
  • On-line, radio and TV broadcasts
  • Organisation/company information

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