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You will be able to develop in-depth understandings of complex entrepreneurial challenges and opportunities, whilst taking into account external factors.

1. Knowledge outcome- You will be able to develop in-depth understandings of complex entrepreneurial challenges and opportunities, whilst taking into account external factors.

2. Intellectual / Transferable skills outcome- You will be able to develop an advanced business plan which demonstrates criticality (independent thinking) in the evaluation and synthesis of scholarly literature and information to evaluate your proposed business opportunity, consider the external environment, and provide a measured risk analysis. You will be able to present your outcomes in a medium reflective of entrepreneurship

(1) Explain the unique value proposition of your entrepreneurial idea & (2) Explain, in detail, the development pathway that you propose to take with your proposal, taking into account at least one alternative venture development pathway. In addressing (2) members of the group each choose & adopt a particular entrepreneurial perspective, for example A) As founder-entrepreneur and CEO of the new enterprise. B) As markets and marketing leader/expert (i.e. CMO) of the new enterprise 3 C) As finance and financing leader/expert of the enterprise. D) As the operations and operational leader/expert of the enterprise. E) Other ‘C’ level perspective as is relevant e.g. Human Resources, Partners, International Development, etc. Two or more students in the same group may take the same perspective in their reports but must take care it is solely their own work and not to collude. Students are strongly advised to discuss their perspective with their tutor and present an outline of the proposal’s main ideas. Students should structure their proposals in four sections, as follows, with most emphasis on Section 3: Section 1: Introduction to your idea & its proposed development, Section 2: Opportunity Formation, comprising a brief description of your entrepreneurial product, service, or organization process & an explanation of the process in which you formed your entrepreneurial idea (problem<=>opportunity<=> idea), Section 3: Opportunity Development, where you discuss how you intend to develop your chosen product/service/process into a significant venture by drawing on features of one of your chosen development pathway perspectives, & Section 4: Conclusion, where you reflect on what you have learned from your process of entrepreneurship development & suggest how your process of forming and developing your entrepreneurial product or service may offer useful lessons in developing other, similar products.

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