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You will research and compile an informative annotated bibliography for an educational research study (topic of your choice) using relevant databases and appropriate academic sources

Introducing Research Methods for Professionals in Education

Assessment Two

You will research and compile an informative annotated bibliography for an educational research study (topic of your choice) using relevant databases and appropriate academic sources.

Weighting: 60%

You can use the literature searches and resources you retrieved for Assessment One for this annotated bibliography

You will conduct searches of the literature and prepare an informative annotated bibliography (1,100 words limit).  You must use appropriate and relevant academic sources. You may select a research topic of your choice, but this must be pertinent to education.

Check list

  • Check you understand what is meant by an informative annotated bibliography (look at the assignment support slides we went through in the Week 11 seminar; available on BB)
  • Give your annotated bibliography a title which reflects your research topic, for example, ‘An annotated bibliography for strategies used in a nursery setting to encourage children to engage in cooperative play’
  • Write a brief introductory paragraph to introduce your research topic (use the information from your presentation) and explain to the reader that you have conducted an annotated bibliography which follows
  • Your annotated bibliography must follow the format and recommended length (100-200 words per entry) we went through in class (check the slides on BB)
  • Make sure you are using APA style guidelines
  • Pay attention to the word count when you decide the number of entries to include

Here is an example of an entry (the first one follows your introductory paragraph)

Graybosch, A., Scott, G.M., & Garrison, S. (1998).The philosophy student writer`s manual. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.

Designed to serve as either as a writing guide or as a primary textbook for teaching philosophy through writing, this manual is an excellent resource for students new to philosophy. Like other books in this area, the manual contains sections on grammar, writing strategies, introductory informal logic and the different types of writing encountered in various areas of philosophy. Of particular note, however, is the section on conducting research in philosophy. The research strategies and sources of information described there are very much up-to-date, including not only directories and periodical indexes, but also research institutes, interest groups and Internet resources.

Your next entry will go here after a line break, and so on…

Your final entry is the end of your annotated bibliography

Marking criteria

Assessment criteria: this assessment will cover learning outcomes 3 and 4 (See Module Study Guide).

These express the criteria against which achievement of the learning outcomes will be assessed:

  • · Expression: proof read, spell checked, grammar and academic expression
  • · Content: relevant and accurate literature is included
  • · Structure: logical progression between points and sections
  • · Referencing: Conforms to APA convention

Make sure you follow this brief in conjunction with the assignment support slides from Week 11 (available under the Assessment 2 tab on BB)

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