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1.1 Explain the importance of innovation for own organisation

Leading innovation and change (M5.05)


Leading innovation and change (M5.05)



Credit value:


Learning outcomes (the learner will)

Assessment criteria (the learner can)

  1. Understand the need for innovation and change management within an organisation

1.1 Explain the importance of innovation for own organisation

1.2 Explain the importance of managing change within own organisation

2. Be able to propose innovative solutions to improve organisational performance









Assess an opportunity for innovation and improvement in own organisation

Justify the improvement identified, in the context of organisational objectives


Use a range of techniques to generate innovative options to deliver the improvement identified

Evaluate options for generating the proposed improvement to determine feasibility and viability

3. Be able to lead and manage change within an organisation








Create a change management plan that is designed to meet stakeholders’ expectations


Implement the change management plan, monitoring progress against agreed targets


Additional information about the unit


Unit purpose and aim(s)

To develop understanding and ability of leading innovation and change as required by a practising or potential middle manager.

Details of the relationship between the unit and relevant national occupational standards or professional standards or curricula (if appropriate)

Links to Management & Leadership 2008 NOS: B1, C2, C4, C5, C6, D2, F3, F8

Assessment requirements or guidance specified by a sector or regulatory body (if appropriate)


Support for the unit from a sector skills council or other appropriate body (if required)

Council for Administration (CfA)

Location of the unit within the subject/sector classification system

Business Management

Unit guided learning hours


Additional Guidance about the Unit Leading innovation and change (M5.05)

Indicative Content:



  • Innovation and business performance
  • Financial and social benefits of innovation
  • Radical and incremental innovation
  • Innovation as a form of competitive advantage
  • Need for effective management of change
  • Continuous Improvement Techniques
  • The difference between Kaizen (continuous or incremental change) and breakthrough change (e.g. business process re-engineering)
  • Leadership and change, transactional/transformational leadership and other leadership models relevant to change
  • Concepts of creativity and innovation and the conditions and processes required to encourage them



  • Need for environmental scanning and organisational analyses (PESTLE, core competencies, SWOT, etc)
  • The nature and role of vision in the change process
    • Techniques for critical decision-making
    • Methods of determining feasibility and viability of opportunities and options, and of contingency planning
    • Problem solving and decision-making techniques including the use of quantitative and qualitative information
      • Identification of human and financial factors in the consideration of change
      • Techniques for monitoring and evaluating outcomes of change
      • Methods of assessing the risks and uncertainties associated with proposed changes



  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Ways to identify stakeholders in change, and the benefits and costs to stakeholders, in order to overcome resistance
  • Skills and competencies required to manage innovation and change
  • Principles and practices associated with managing creativity and innovation
  • Direct and indirect effects upon other people, departments and organisations
  • Ways to organise and co-ordinate resources and activities to achieve planned change, including use of Gantt charts and network planning as tools for planning change
  • The role of communication in overcoming barriers and other difficulties

Leading innovation and change (M5.05)

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