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1.1 Revise material classification

Engineering Materials and their Properties

1500 words

1.1 Revise material classification

  • This section of the report should include:
  • A description of the four main categories into which materials can be placed.
  • A description of the physical and mechanical properties that materials in these categories possess.
  • In each category give an example material, define its properties and give a practical engineering application in which the material is used and a reason why the material was chosen for this purpose

1.2 Examine atomic structure

This section of the report requires you to:

  • Using the Bohr model of an atom, show how one atom of phosphorus can be represented and give its electron configuration.
  • Explain how the three types of primary bonding in materials occur, in each instance given an example of two materials bonding in this way.
  • determine the number of covalent bonds that are possible for atoms of carbon.      

1.3 Explore atomic arrangements

This section of the report requires you to:

  • Explain what is meant by BCC, FCC and CPH crystal lattice structures.
  • For each type of lattice structure give an example material that has this structure and describe the properties this material exhibits.
  • Explain what is meant by the atomic packing factor and show that FCC has a higher atomic packing factor than BCC structures. 1.1 Revise material classification

1.4 Assess imperfections in the atomic arrangement

This section of the report requires you to:

  • Explain what is meant by a dislocation in terms of defects in atomic arrangement.
  • Describe two types of dislocation defects within materials.
  • Give examples of three types of interfacial defects in materials.

1.4 Analyse movement of the atomic structure by diffusion

This section should be completed as a separate short report and should contain at least  750 words

This short report requires you to:

  • Provide a description of the process of diffusion and the various mechanisms by which diffusion takes place in materials.
  • Explain which factors can affect the diffusion rate in materials and provide an analysis of how changing these variables impact the rate of diffusion.
  • A plate of iron is exposed to a carburising atmosphere on one side and a decarburizing atmosphere on the other side at 700◦C. If a condition of steady state diffusion is achieved, calculate the diffusion flux of carbon through the plate if the concentrations of carbon at positions of 4 and 9 mm beneath the carburizing surface are 1.5 and 0.6kgm〖^(-3)〗, respectively.
  • Assume a diffusion coefficient of 2.8×10〖^(-11)〗m〖^2〗s〖^(-1)〗at this temperature. 1.1 Revise material classification

1.5 Investigate the practical applications of diffusion in processing material

Engineering Materials and their Properties

This section should be completed as a separate short report and should contain at least  1000 words

  • This short report requires you to:
  • Investigate and describe two engineering processes that require diffusion to take place. 
  • Your description of the processes should include an overview of the process, including equipment and example materials used.
  • Within your investigation state how the parameters affecting the rate of diffusion can be altered and the impact this has on the process

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