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An analysis of incident investigation within the oil and gas industry (LO1)

HESA6024 Health and Safety

Learning outcomes assessed:

At the end of a module students will be expected to be able to:

  1. Explain the position and responsibilities of the health and safety practitioner.
    1. Examine the reporting, recording and monitoring systems for effective management of health and safety in the oil and gas sector.

  2. Analyse the legal, ethical and business case for health and safety management
    1. Evaluate health and safety issues regarding the oil and gas sector and related sector.

Incident Investigation


Working in challenging and extreme conditions demands constant vigilance and risk awareness. Thorough investigation of emergencies and accidents can pinpoint causes and prevent further incidents.

Investigation of incidents and near misses is a key part of most company safety management systems and is a regulatory requirement for major hazard facilities. Incident investigations provide warnings that designs, and operations may not be achieving the safety objectives assumed. Good investigation goes beyond immediate and basic technical causes to examine management systems root causes and safety barrier failures.

Assignment Task

As a health and safety advisor, you have been tasked to write a 3,000-word report which provides a critical reflection, insight and detailed analysis on the issue of incident investigation within the oil and gas industry.

Your report should address the following areas:

  1. An analysis of incident investigation within the oil and gas industry (LO1)
  2. An evaluation of the types failures associated with incidents in the oil and gas industry (LO4)
  3. In a table, provide a detailed review and evaluation of statistics and historical accidents within the oil and gas industry relating to major incidents in the oil and gas industry (e.g. WOAD, HSE and Oil and Gas UK). (LO2)
  4. A business case relating to the reduction of major incidents in the oil and gas industry.(LO3)


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