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Argues for increasing the use of automation in the aviation sector.



While automation was once a term associated exclusively with manufacturing, today, after three decades of advances in digital technology, there are few fields of organisational activity left untouched by it (Economist, 2019).

A working paper by the OECD assessed the automatability of each task within a given job, based on a survey of skills. Overall, the study finds that 14% of jobs across 32 countries are highly vulnerable, defined as having at least a 70% chance of automation. A further 32% were slightly less imperilled, with a probability between 50% and 70%. At current employment rates, that puts 210m jobs at risk across the 32 countries in the study (Economist, 2018).

When it comes to transportation, the word for this decade and the next is autonomous. But while we are likely to see autonomous cars in mass production by 2030 and almost certain to see self-driving trucks within five years, we will probably not see any autonomous passenger jets for one simple reason – passengers don’t trust them. The technology exists – all kinds of aircraft that don’t involve passengers are using it, mostly in the military – but many consumers have said they would refuse to fly in one. Aviation is no doubt disappointed because of the hundreds of billions that could be cut from operational expenses. But tens of billions can still be saved by implementing the step     before     complete     autonomy     –      single-pilot      operations    (Bouchard and Baggioni, 2017)


Write a ESSAY that either:

Argues for increasing the use of automation in the aviation sector.


Select TEHNOLOGICAL  factor from the PESTLE framework and provide three relevant and valid arguments for  automation. Identify and argue the perspective of a specific stakeholder that will be impacted e.g. customers, employees, shareholders, CEOs.

Your report should include the briefing document features:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the PESTLE framework
  • Three valid and relevant arguments supported by evidence and data
  • Conclusion
  • Bibliography

Your briefing document must be fully referenced using the Harvard referencing system and include an appropriate Bibliography listing the sources that you have used.


Understanding of the PESTLE framework

Up to 20 marks

Arguments are relevant and valid to the PESTLE factor

Up to 30 marks

Arguments are supported with evidence and data

Up to 30 marks

Spelling, grammar and Harvard Referencing

Up to 20 marks

Points to consider in answering the set question:

  • Understanding of a PESTLE analysis should be demonstrated.
    • At least three arguments for  automation need to be addressed with an insightful assessment of the impact

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