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1.1 Explain the terms ‘health promotion’ and ‘health education’

Assignment Brief

QU005980 Promoting Health

Health Promotion and Education

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Unit Code(s)

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Promoting Health



Assignment Title

Health Promotion and Education


This assignment is made up of 2 tasks.

Task 1: You are requires to produce and present a presentation to your peers in which you must (A 1.1,2.1,4.1):

  • Explain the terms ‘health promotion’ and ‘health education’ (AC1.1)
  • Evaluate the approaches utilized in a mass media campaign used for health promotion and/or health education. Choose a recent mass media campaign on any one health issue (examples include anti-smoking, immunization, healthy eating, exercise etc.)(AC2.1)
  • Evaluate the role of mass media in health promotion, using your selected campaign as an example. (AC4.1)

Your presentation must be electronically based. It should be 10 minutes in duration and must be referenced appropriately. All slides from your presentation must be submitted as part of your work for this assignment.

Your presentation may be video-record must be completed and included with your work, to show that the intended learning outcomes and assessment criteria have been met.

Task 2: Academic Poster (750 words) Create an academic poster that compares and contrasts the health education/promotion role of any three of the following health professionals in different settings(AC3.1)

  • A nutritional based in a community GP clinic.
  • A dental Nurse based in a dental surgery.
  • A Physiotherapist based in a hospital clinic setting
  • ADi9strict Nurse with responsibility for supporting the maintenance of both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetic patients in the community, linked to a GP practice.
  • A health visitor involved in a range of immunization programmes for babies, children and the over 70’s.
  • A Midwide who is particularly interested in the promotion of pre-natal care.
  • 1.1 Explain the terms ‘health promotion’ and ‘health education’ 

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Learner Declaration: I declare that all the work submitted for this unit is my own, and that where I have drawn on the work of others, I have referred this in accordance with college policy.                   


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Please attach the entire assignment brief to work submitted for assessment. Your work cannot be assessed unless you have signed and submitted this form. Electronic signature will suffice.



Assessment Information:

Assess to HE Diploma Title


Assignment Title

Health Promotion and Education

Assessment Criteria



Explain the terms health education and health promotion.


Evaluate the approaches used in health education/health promotion.


Compare and contrast the health education/promotion role of different health professionals in different settings.


Evaluate how the mass media is used in health promotion.

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