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i. Formulate an appropriate research title and research question for a given purpose.

In this assignment, you have to write an extended research proposal which will follow the pattern of research covering all the 8 sections in detail. Moreover, the topic would be relevant to your current academic program.

Module Learning Outcomes covered in this assignment

i. Formulate an appropriate research title and research question for a given purpose.

ii. Demonstrate competence in planning of choices, design and management of different methods employed in the collection of research data.

iii. Demonstrate an ability to plan primary and secondary research data analysis.

iv. Present appropriate findings and recommendations from research completed.

In this task, you need to propose a research after selecting a topic for your proposal and make use of important research tools to support the stages of the research process. This must include the aim and objectives of your research along with an excellent research question

Assignment Task

The Research Council in Partnership with industry have some extra funding available for further research.  You, as research students, are being requested to submit an individual extended research proposal plan as part of the formal application process.

You are required to conduct a research project on a topic of relevance to your specific programme of study.  Some topic choices can be provided if needed for you to choose from.  In order to conduct your research, you are required to work through the development and understanding a proposal involving the use of research tools supporting the different stages of the research process.

You will receive summative feedback after the submission of your research poster.

Your research poster should be composed of the following of 8 sections:

(Samples of posters are available online via Canvas for your perusal)

  •      Abstract
  •      Aim, Objectives,
  •      Introduction & Rationale
  •      Literature Review
  •      Methodology
  •      Findings, Analysis & Discussion
  •      Conclusion & Recommendations
  •      List of References   

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