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A motorcycle racing team using the Aprilia 250 V-Twin have approached to discuss the idea of piston assembly configuration improvements, they have provided the STEP files for consideration.

MP3672 - Assignment 2 Kinetic analysis

MP3672 - Engineering Simulation

1 Introduction

The principles of an Industry Standard Kinetic Simulation Package have been covered in the module lecture material. You are required to produce a simulation of a system Within the SimMultibody systems. The MATLAB system should be fully modelled and unique to you and should include results. The scenario should be complex enough to allow you to critically evaluate SimMultibody as an engineering simulation tool.

The word count for this assignment is indicative too: 2000 words

2 The key skills developed in this assignment are:

  • Communication – report writing skills, presentation skills
  • Use IT effectively – simulation software and word-processed report
  • Independent learning – research motion analysis
  • Time management – manage class contact, independent working effectively

3 Module Learning Outcomes addressed in this assignment:

  1. Use and evaluate industry standard software
  2. Assess the need for relevant modelling systems
  3. Analyse how certain factors are affecting the accuracy of a simulation
  4. Use engineering software effectively and compare exact solutions with simulation generated solution and evaluate differences and characteristics
  5. Demonstrate effective research and report writing skills

Model 1: Piston assembly

A motorcycle racing team using the Aprilia 250 V-Twin have approached to discuss the idea of piston assembly configuration improvements, they have provided the STEP files for consideration. They have noted that they are running Nickel cylinder with a mild steel piston which they confirm through testing give a coefficient of friction 0.000178. They have requested an analysis of the effects of cylinder angle in a range of 10 -180 degrees.

Modelling Tasks:

  1. Establish a working model in SimMultibody.
  2. Using present theory generate a balancing verification of the model to indicate you works validity.
  3. Make design changes to the present configuration and report recommendations for improvements



Rationale (Learning outcomes 2,5)

For the simulation chosen to describe the approach adopted (results/answers required, constraint types, bodies used etc.). Justify the methods chosen (simplification method) and comment on assumptions made


Verification (Learning outcomes 4,5)

Identify an aspect or technique used in your model and prove/verify the results with analytical calculation (producing an Excel spread sheet can often help with you verification). You should compare the results from SimMultibody with your calculations


Review (Learning outcomes 1,2,3,5)

  • Produce a critique of SimMultibody
  • Compare software motion analysis with alternatives
  • Review your simulation. What level of reliance would you place on your simulation results?


Model (Learning outcome 1,4)

The quality, complexity, completeness, and efficiency of the simulation




Note: All sourced material must be referenced using the Harvard system

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