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LO2 – Learn how to create working and detailed drawings and schedules

School: Computing & Engineering

Course: BSc Architectural Design Technology (Full Time & Part Time)

Module: TC50325E Architectural Technology 1

Assignment 2: Detailed Design, Working drawings, Schedules and specification

Weighting: 50%

Issue date: AY 2021-2022

Hand in date: Sunday Week 15, Semester 1,

A3 Pdf format file uploaded onto Turnitin

Feed Back: Within 3 weeks of hand in date.

Learning Outcomes LO2 – LO4

LO2 – Learn how to create working and detailed drawings and schedules

LO3 – Link construction detail drawings to building products, standards and regulations through specification writing

LO4 – Understand the importance of Construction detail drawings and specification in designing and constructing buildings and evaluate methods of controlling quality of materials and construction work


Following your work completed in Assignment 1, please develop your project producing the following information.

Detailed design

  1. General arrangement drawings with all furniture, fixtures and fittings, electrical drawings 1:50
  2. Setting out drawings for all Floor plans with grid, detailed dimensions, codes for windows, doors, and rooms 1:50
  3. All External elevations are to be fully annotated with vertical & horizontal dimensions, levels, rwps and svps pipes 1: 50
  4. All sections with vertical and horizontal dimensions with hatching and notes on materials. 1: 50
  5. Produce door and window schedules

Technical/ Construction Details or Working Drawings

Based on the content of the taught sessions please produce the following:

  1. Component and assembly details, including ground floor & upper floor, external & internal wall, doors and window heads & sills, staircase, roof structure (eaves, ridge and cover) Scales 1: 20, 1:10, 1:5 or 1:2 or 1:1
  2. Collate a Technical Folder for industry products that will be used to construct the 4 bedroom house design. Re
  3. Produce Design Specification by completing NBS blank sheets (downloaded from BB) for your design by focusing on 1 of the following:
  • Masonry / Wall Construction
  • Windows & Doors
  • Floors
  • Roofs

Note: Agree a construction detail and the scope of NBS sheets with your tutor for this task. Work must be completed in taught sessions with all inputs in green ink

4. Reflective practice note (max one side A4) outlining what you have learnt and improved during this module.

Assessment Criteria




Detailed Design: Site Plan & GA Floor Plans, Sections and Elevations

Drawings should include:

  • Site plan including manholes,
  • General arrangement (GAS) Setting Out drawings for all floors with grid, Detailed dimensions & annotation

All plans, elevations and sections:

  • Fully annotated with materials
  • Have vertical/ horizontal dimensions & levels
  • Codes for windows & doors
  • Indicate fixtures & fittings, etc.




Working Drawings

Drawings should include Component and assembly details for the following:

  • ground floor & upper floor
  • external & internal walls
  • doors and windows, heads & sills,
  • staircase,
  • roof structure, (eaves, ridge and cover)




Schedules (2No)

  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Finishes
  • Floors




Product technical folder and Specification






Final Mark %


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