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Systems Studies IV - Create, sort, edit and query tables

Subject Title 
Systems Studies IV

Subject Description 
This is the last of the Systems subjects in the ACF program. This course will employ important day-to-day office productivity tools used in businesses at present. Focusing on Database and Spreadsheeting, students will develop advanced skills in Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access. Along with advanced spread sheeting techniques, and good analytical methodologies, emphasis will be placed on error detection and error prevention in model building. Students gain experience integrating real business needs using Microsoft Access. In-class team assignments and hands-on projects include requirement analysis, entity relationship diagrams, relational tables, Structured Query Language, and database administration.

Credit Status 
This subject is a required subject in the Accounting and Finance Diploma program.

Learning Outcomes 
Upon successful completion of this subject the student will be able to:

1.Use MS Excel to:

a) Create, sort, edit and query tables
b) Create a worksheet group and work with multiple worksheets & workbook at the same time
c) Consolidate information from multiple worksheets and workbooks.
d) Summarize data using pivot tables, pivot charts,  IF, COUNTIF, SUMIF, AVERAGEIF and database functions
e) Create formulas using logical functions to solve problems
f) Create lookup tables and apply the lookup function
g) Add validation and other rules to improve data integrity
h) Create and edit macros
i) Create variable data tables and scenarios
j) Solve complex business problems using the Solver feature
k) Import data from several sources*
l) Interpret results.
m) Explain concepts covered and discuss their application in a business environment.

2. Use MS Access to:
a) Create tabkesm queries, forms and reports
b) Integrate with the Web and other programs*
c) Design macros to automate tasks
d) Explain and apply database management and security

3. Explain the logical and physical database methodologies used in the design and build phases of a relational database.

4. Apply professional database methodologies to perform requirement analysis, and construct an operational database using MS Access.

5. Build query by example statements to retrieve data necessary to make effective decisions.

6. Discuss and apply process modeling in an accounting information system

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