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Sustainable Strategies for Tourism Industry Recovery Post Covid-19

Module Title: Sustainable Economics for Tourism and Air Travel

  • Module Code: QHO551
  • Level: 5
  • Assessment Title: Group presentation 
  • Assessment Number: AE2
  • Assessment Type: Presentation 
  • Length/duration 20 minutes including question & answers
  • Consequence of not meeting time limit: It is essential that assignments keep within the time/word count limit stated above. Any work beyond the maximum time/word length permitted will be disregarded and not accounted for in the final grade. 
  • Individual/Group: Group
  • Assessment Weighting: 60% 
  • Issue Date: Week 1
  • Planned Feedback Date: Four weeks after submission
  • Mode of Submission: Face to face
  • Number of copies to be submitted: 
  • Students are not required to submit a hard copy. One online copy per group.
  • Anonymous Marking:  This assessment is exempt from anonymous marking. 

Assessment Task 


Sustainable Strategies for Tourism Industry Recovery  Post Covid-19

  • Analyse the economic issues that apply to the topic ,these issues could be related to an individual’s allocation of resources on travel and tourism with concerns of sustainability; an air travel and tourism firm’s choice of engagement in sustainable production options; or how a government – national, regional, or local, would deal with issues surfacing due to non-sustainable use of resources/sites.
  • Power Point presentation and please add  the speaker  notes for each slide separately
  •  Complete the Weekly meeting leaning log (The groups will they keep a record of meetings etc and submit with slides.)
  • Minimum pf 15 references (Harvard style)
  • You must use academic, peer-reviewed journal articles, academic books, and academic reports to support your presentation.


Learning Outcomes

This assessment will enable students to demonstrate in full or in part the learning outcomes identified in the Module descriptors.

Late Submissions

Students are reminded that:


  1. If this assessment is submitted late i.e. within 5 working days of the submission deadline, the mark will be capped at 40% if a pass mark is achieved;
  2. If this assessment is submitted later than 5 working days after the submission deadline, the work will be regarded as a non-submission and will be awarded a zero;
  3. If this assessment is being submitted as a referred piece of work, then it must be submitted by the deadline date; any Refer assessment submitted late will be regarded as a non-submission and will be awarded a zero.

Extenuating Circumstances

The University’s Extenuating Circumstances procedure is in place if there are genuine circumstances that may prevent a student submitting an assessment. If students are not `fit to study’, they can either request an extension to the submission deadline of 5 working days or they can request to submit the assessment at the next opportModuley (Defer).  In both instances, students must submit an EC application with relevant evidence.   If accepted by the EC Panel there will be no academic penalty for late submission or non-submission dependent on what is requested.  Students are reminded that EC covers only short-term issues (20 working days) and that if they experience longer term matters that impact on learning then they must contact the Student Hub for advice.

Academic Misconduct

Any submission must be students’ own work and, where facts or ideas have been used from other sources, these sources must be appropriately referenced. The University’s Academic Handbook includes the definitions of all practices that will be deemed to constitute academic misconduct.  Students should check this link before submitting their work.

Procedures relating to student academic misconduct are given below:

Ethics Policy

The work being carried out by students must be in compliance with the Ethics Policy. Where there is an ethical issue, as specified within the Ethics Policy, then students will need an ethics release or an ethical approval prior to the start of the project.

The Ethics Policy is contained within Section 2S of the Academic Handbook:

Grade marking

The University uses a letter grade scale for the marking of assessments. Unless students have been specifically informed otherwise their marked assignment will be awarded a letter grade. More detailed information on grade marking and the grade scale can be found on the portal and in the Student Handbook.


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