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The impact of Dashboard in retail sector

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48 pages (12,000 words)

Research Question & Objectives

  • Are these clearly defined?
  • Have you taken into consideration all your supervisor’s comments?
  • Does this highlight the research question, objectives and clearly sets the research in context?
Literature Review
  • In your introduction to your literature review have you made reference to your research question and objectives?
  • Is your literature review ordered and structured?
  • Is your review of the literature a critical appraisal rather than a description of what is available?
  • Have you sought reliable sources of literature?
  • Can you validate this information?
  • Are you able to triangulate sources of information to verify external perspectives?
Research Methodology
  • Have you clearly stated the research methods used?
  • Have you clearly stated why you have chosen those methods rather than others?
  • Are the research methods chosen appropriate for answering the research question chosen?
  • Have you discussed issues of validation, reliability and triangulation?
  • Have you stated any problems or limitations in obtaining data?
  • If there were problems or limitations were you able to overcome all or some of them? If so how did you overcome them?
  • Where there any ethical issues associated with gathering data? If so, have you stated these?
  • Does the introduction to your analysis restate the research question and objectives?
  • Have you stated what approach you have taken to analyse your findings?
  • Are issues such as generalisability discussed?
  • Have you linked your analysis to issues raised within your literature review?
  • If you are making recommendations have you linked these to your analysis? In other words why you are making the recommendations
  • Have you substantiated your recommendations?
  • In your analysis have you found an area for future research? If so, have you clearly stated what this could be and what benefits could be gained?
  • In the introduction to your conclusion do your refer to your research question and objectives?
  • In your concluding chapter do you answer your research question and objectives?
General Structure – Writing
  • Have you sought to link the various chapters by referring to key issues?
  • Have you been consistent in your approach? In other words you have not contradicted yourself as you move from one chapter to another
  • Have you checked your spelling and grammar?
  • Are your sentences clear and unambiguous in their meaning?
  • Do you have any very long sentences, for example, over 30 words? If so, either edit or split into two to aid readability.
  • Have you used sub-headings to break up the text and add focus? Is the dissertation written in an academic style rather than a journalistic one?
  • Have you asked a friend to read it and comment on its readability?
General Structure – Diagrams
  • Have you used diagrams and tables to illustrate structures and findings?
  • Have these diagrams and tables been referred to within the main body of text? In other words, why are they important?
  • Have the diagrams and tables been properly labelled?
  • If the diagrams and tables have been extracted from other sources have you referenced the source?
  • Are the diagrams and tables readable?
General Structure – References
  • Where you have referred to another person’s work have you clearly referenced it?
  • Have you checked that all reference sources stated within the main body of text match up with those in the reference list?
  • Does the referencing conform to the style required by the university?
General Structure – Appendices
  • Have you incorporated all necessary appendices, for example, a copy of the questionnaire?
  • Where appropriate have you referred to the appendices within the main body of text?
University Documentation
  • Have you completed all documentation that must be submitted with your dissertation?
  • Has a particular type of binding been stated for your submitted copies? Has this been organised?
  • Have you allocated adequate time for binding of your dissertation?

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