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To investigate the perceptions and attitudes of SMEs about social media advertising and marketing.

Title: The impact of social media in e-commerce in advertising and marketing.

Research Aims and Objectives

  • The main aim of the proposed research is to investigate the impact of social media in e-commerce advertising and marketing.
  • The following objectives are used to accomplish the aim:
  • Conducting a literature review on socail midia used for e-commerce. Designing the questionnaire for collecting data.
  • Collecting the data: sending an online questionnaire through social media to collect the data.
  • Analysing the results of the data.
  • Discuss patterns observed in the data to identify the effectiveness of using the social media platforms in e-commerce
  • Providing recommendations on how to effectively use social media in e-commerce

Research Problem

Social media usage has become highly prevalent among people in society, especially among youths. The increased use of social media has provided an opportunity for eCommerce businesses for advertising and marketing. Furthermore, the choice of social media as an advertising and marketing channel poses both positive and negative impacts on the reputation of ecommerce brands and their profitability. According to research by Yadav and Rahman (2017), the involvement of eCommerce in social media advertisement and marketing could lead to customer loyalty, large customer reach, larger customer reach, increased customer engagement, and reduced response time. Much of the research on this topic has concentrated on non-ecommerce businesses and large ecommerce businesses such as Taobao, Amazon, and eBay (Kwahk and Kim 2020; Haucap and Heimeshoff 2019; Nicolas-Sans and Diaz 2021; Jain 2015). There is a need for more research to be performed on small eCommerce businesses to understand how they are impacted by social media advertising and marketing. Therefore, this research will investigate how small and medium enterprises (SMEs) e-commerce businesses can benefit from social media advertising and marketing. Furthermore, the research will aim to determine which social media channels are the most effective in impacting small eCommerce businesses.

Research Questions

  • To investigate the perceptions and attitudes of SMEs about social media advertising and marketing.
  • To investigate the advertising and marketing opportunities provided by social media.
  • To explore the benefits of social media advertising and marketing for SMEs.
  • To identify challenges encountered in social media marketing for SMEs .
  • To identify the most effective social media channels in advertising and marketing for SMEs.

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