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MIDWIFERY "QU006413 Human Anatomy and Physiology"

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The course Anatomy and Physiology Level 3 tends to provide the in-depth knowledge and skills required to understand the inner working of the human body and physiotherapy. With the help of this course, you will learn the different organisations of the human body and its work. Moreover, it provides you with the basic knowledge of immune, digestive, lymphatic, endocrine and reproductive systems and their role in the human body. What are the functions of organs, glands, tissues and cells and how they work and contribute to the survival of human health?

The course offers a bunch of units related to the body system. By learning each unit, you will meet the level of comprehension and enhance the competency and knowledge required to work in the fields of health, medicine, sports and physiotherapy.

The first units cover the introduction to the human body in which you study Homeostasis, Anatomical regions and planes, Directional terminology, Cell structure, functions & division and Types of tissue found in the body.

The Second Unit provides you with information about Musculoskeletal and Nervous Systems. By learning this, you can define the Structure and functions of the skeleton, Different muscle types in the body, Actions of different muscles and Structure and functions of the nervous system.

In the Third Unit, students will get brief learning of Respiratory and Cardiovascular Systems that will help them to acknowledge the Functions and structure of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, Functions of blood in the body, Process of gas exchange in internal and external respiration and Functions of the heart.

Unit Four covers the knowledge of Digestive and Endocrine System, which study you the Main structures and functions of the digestive system, How food is processed by the digestive system, Main structures and functions of the endocrine system and lastly Function of hormones in the body.

The fifth Unit is designed to study Integumentary and Immune Systems, in which you will get an understanding of the Structure and functions of the skin, Structure and functions of the nails and hair, Main structures and function of the immune system and How the lymphatic system fights pathogens.

The last Unit concludes all the information and learns you the Renal and Reproductive Systems that includes Key structures and functions of the male and female reproductive systems, Journey of an egg from the ovary to fertilisation or menstruation, the Main structure and function of the renal system and the three stages of filtration in the kidneys.

By completing your learning of this course, you will end up increasing your career opportunities within medicine, sports and physiotherapy and will enhance your learning of theoretical knowledge into practical knowledge.

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