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Following are the list of frequently asked questions and the answers concerned to them:

We are a UK grounded company having official office address and verified company number delivered by Company House UK. For further details, go to our page.

We offer diverse types of assignments covering every academic area.

There are many ways of approaching us. You can either fill the order from online or simply forward us your attachments to our website or Whatsapp number.

Of course, you can submit the work as the writer has inscribed directly. Since we do not cater custom work for reference purposes like others are doing. Therefore, our work is always firmed up to be sent.

Certainly, you can request for it as we really appreciate in fulfilling your request. Moreover, we recommend you to wait patiently for the ultimate completion of the order.

There are numerous benefits in choosing our company. Some of them are listed below:

  • 100% pure work from plagiarism
  • 100% refund in case of discontentment
  • 100% guarantee of satisfaction of the work
  • 100% according to the rubric and brief
  • 100% quality assured
  • Unlimited opportunities of revisions and amendments
  • No extra charges
  • Free Turnitin report to confirm the authenticity of the work
  • No resold and reused material
  • Co-operating and compassionate team for customer support

Our chief motive is to provide the work without any piracy. Therefore, the work is 100% free from any plagiarism and to check this out, we use instructor version and the similarities are not saved in the databases of Turnitin.

We adhere strongly in completing the work within the provided deadline, as it is our sole aim. Moreover, we are open for urgent deliveries for at least 3 hours.

We follow the rules strictly and each and every service is completely genuine. We would have run out of business if the services we are rendering were illegitimate. Therefore, as far as its legality is concerned, we have made media presences aware about our lawful services which we offer to the students.

Following are the refund policies of the company:

  • You are eligible for a refund if your card is charged more than one time.
  • You are eligible for a refund in case the submitted work is not according to your needs.
  • You are eligible for a refund if your work is not delivered on time.
  • You are eligible for a refund if you do not succeed in the study completed by us.
  • You are eligible for a refund if you want to cancel your order.

We accept the methods of payment globally. Following are the channels you could select from:

  • PayPal
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Visa Debit
  • Visa Electron
  • Visa Credit
  • AmericanXpress
  • Bank Transfers

Yes, you can pay 50% deposit at the time of placing the order and the latter at the submission of it.

We provide our services at very reasonable rates starting from £10.