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Rebirth of Gucci under Michel Alessandro!

Rebirth of Gucci under Michel Alessandro!

We all have heard of the billion-dollar Italian brand, Gucci. This brand has made a mark in the fashion industry and the hearts of millions of people generations back. But, with so many fashion brands coming to arise, a time came, when Gucci lost all its glitter for some time. However, there was no stopping this brand. In 2015, Gucci made a grand comeback and made history in the world of fashion.

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The fashion industry is transforming for sure. Among all the big labels of the brands, Gucci made resurgence, all thanks to the new creative director Alessandro Michele. This Italian creative mind is not a new name for Gucci. He had been working for years behind the scenes with Frida Giannini, former creative chief. Michele has massive knowledge and understanding of every single detail of the Gucci clothing line. From modern tailoring to using rich and excellent materials; he accomplished everything he desired for.

His debut collection was released in 2015, February. Since, then, there is no looking back for him. He surely created the ‘perfect first impression,’ around. Some of his amazing collection lines include the Summer/Spring collection 2016 that consisted of the ‘multicolored, gleaming frocks. This collection took the world by storm when it nabbed the covers of Elle, Haper’s Bazaar and Vogue. Now that sure is a big thing for someone who was made a creative director just sometime back.

What’s more is that all his designs are exquisite and elegant. One look at these designs will leave you drooling over them. You will forget about the old and the famous Italian Gucci because these new designs belong to the Gucci of, ‘today’. You can find everything you’ve ever dreamed off at their outlets, ranging from floral print garments to an extra-chic evening wear. No wonder every ramp and magazine we see today are flooded by his designs.

We can’t ignore the stirring sensation the new Gucci has made. All his designs are shockingly original. Michele has an amazing skill of combining the elements of yesteryears in ways we can only think of. He can create a masterpiece from them that are refreshingly modern and breathtaking to gaze at.

Amid all these colours, fun and patterns lie his skill, that cannot be denied. He makes it look so easy and so effortless, but we can only imagine the hard work, the sleepless nights he might have had, to come up with these scrupulously amazing collections. He leaves us yearning to delve into our wardrobes in the hope to find some, ‘Gucci treasures’ inside. We all want to become a young talent like him. Alessandro Michel is the name, people will recognize even 50 years from now, as a young talented persona who brought a revolution for Gucci.