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You are required to conduct an evaluation of the international marketing processes/activities undertaken by this company.


All assignments are to be submitted online with monitoring for plagiarism using Turnitin through link on module area on Blackboard Learn.

Your seminar tutor will allocate you a large company which operates internationally.  Dependent on this you may wish to identify a particular product within the company you have chosen and indeed specific markets (two culturally different countries of your choice) to focus your evaluation on. 

You are required to conduct an evaluation of the international marketing processes/activities undertaken by this company. You will be required to research and identify what the company profile internationally looks like, the marketing choices made and competitive landscape amongst others. 

Through the use of theory, you will be required to evaluate what the company has done internationally, how effective this has been, how it differs across international markets they operate in and any examples of best practice or things that did not work etc. 

The end product of this assignment is an evaluation of your chosen company in two or more international markets (two culturally different countries of your choice), how they have achieved success in these and overcame market and competitor challenges.  Ultimately you want to, through this assignment, demonstrate how market offerings within a company can differ based on the international market or country’s local requirements.  This brief will be discussed in more detail in class. 

PLEASE NOTE – Your seminar tutor will allocate you a company and ideally you should select two international markets (two countries by yourself) to review which are considered to be culturally different. This will allow you to compare two countries and allow you a greater opportunity to research and evaluate the international marketing practices of the company (i.e., similarities and differences in two culturally different countries to overcome competition, other environmental factors and meet the needs and wants of customers) to achieve successful outcomes for the company.

While selecting countries please make sure following points:

a) They are culturally different

b) Make sure you are not selecting your allocated company’s own country (e.g., for L’Oréal you are not selecting France)

c) Make sure the product/category is available in your both selected countries

Submission:  12th April 2022 – 3500 words maximum. Please ensure you pay particular attention to the assignment brief regarding format, submission and referencing. 

Feedback will be given in class/online and written individual feedback will be available.

Guidelines for ASSIGNMENT

  1. You need to develop this assignment in an essay format.
  2. All sources of information must be referenced correctly.  Students must ensure references are included in a bibliography at the end of your assignment and follow the UUBS Referencing Guide on the Harvard System of Referencing; poor citation of references will result in loss of marks.  This applies to all academic, practitioner and online company/product information sources without exception.
  3. All documents must be presented using Arial Size 12 font and double line spaced.
  4. Students should pay particular attention to grammar and spelling.
  5. Assessment submissions must adhere to UU guidelines as set out in your course handbook.

Feedback will be given in class/online and written individual feedback will be available after all assessments have been marked and moderated.  Students may make appointments to discuss their feedback if required.

Plagiarism is a serious offence and if detected will be dealt with according to the UUBS policy.  All coursework will be monitored for the detection of plagiarism using Turnitin.

The module coordinator will make use of feed forward in preparation for this coursework. In addition a discussion area will be used within Blackboard Learn, whereby students may support each other with regard to coursework, facilitated by the Module Coordinator.

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