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Recognise and evaluate the complexities involved in leading and managing people in organisations and the practical application of Leadership and Management theory and principles



  • Programme: BA Business Management
  • Module: Leadership and management, theory and practice
  • Module code: LCBB6003 Contribution to Overall
  • Module Assessment (%): 50% Lecturer((s): Juan Carlos-GP1 Anita Nan GP2 Internal Verifier: Dr Anupam Mazumdar
  • Assignment Title: Assessment 2 Group Presentation To be submitted by the group leader on moodle
  • Word count (or equivalent): 2000 Words (+/- 10%)
  • Submission deadline: To be announced by the Assessment team Please refer to the assessments schedule published on Students’ Hall in Moodle
  • Return date of provisional marks & written feedback: 20 working days after submission deadline

Submission method:

  • All written assessments, where practical and possible, must be submitted via Turnitin unless otherwise instructed by the Lecturer. (Please DO NOT put this assessment specification into Turnitin or it will match many similarities with other students’ submissions.)

Alternative submission method (if applicable):

  • Late submission of the assessment will result in a late penalty mark. Penalties for late submission: Up to one week late, maximum mark of 40%. Over one week late, 0%. Only the Extenuating Circumstances Panel may approve a change to submission dates. Academic honesty / referencing: Academic honesty is required. In the main body of your submission you must give credit to authors on whose research and ideas your work is based. Append to your submission a reference list that indicates the books, articles, etc. that you have used, cited or quoted in order to complete this assessment.

Module Learning Outcomes (from module syllabus)

Upon the successful completion of this module the student will be able to:

  1. Recognise and evaluate the complexities involved in leading and managing people in organisations and the practical application of Leadership and Management theory and principles.
  2. Critically evaluate the design, and implementation of strategies which are focused on enhancing the effectiveness of Leaders and Managers in order to meet current and future organisational needs.

Assignment 2:This assignment forms 50% of your overall module mark.
Case Study: Jeff Bezos, the world`s richest man, added £10bn to his fortune in just one day.
  • While many businesses have been hit hard by the pandemic and the beginnings of what threatens to be the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression of the 1930s, Amazon’s shares have increased by 70% since the start of the year. On Monday alone, the share price rose by 8% to a record $3,197. (By lunchtime Tuesday they were changing hands at slightly below that peak.)
  • Bezos, who started Amazon in his garage in 1994 still owns 11% of the company’s shares, as well as space travel venture Blue Origin and the Washington Post. Since January, Bezos’s wealth has grown by $74bn.
  • Oxfam, the global development charity, said it was “truly shocking” that Bezos had managed to make so much money during the coronavirus crisis, which has forced hundreds of millions of people around the world to rely on food banks and government support.
  • “It is hard to reconcile this obscene figure with the reality the rest of us are living through,” Rebecca Gowland, Oxfam’s head of inequality campaign and policy, said. “At a time when hardship is commonplace, hunger is on the increase and half a billion more people face being pushed into extreme poverty, it is truly shocking that one already extremely wealthy individual has pocketed another $74bn already this year.”
  • Source: Neate, R., (2020) Jeff
Assessment Tasks (2): Task 1: Group Task 15-minute presentation (per person, therefore total group presentation up to 75 minutes) (60% of the overall mark)
  • In groups, (maximum 5 students) read the case study provided - Jeff Bezos, the world`s richest man, added £10bn to his fortune in just one day - and individually prepare a 15 minutes presentation segment that critically evaluates the leadership of Jeff Bezos, founder, and CEO of Amazon.
  • In the presentation, your group must critically evaluate the effectiveness of Jeff Bezos’ leadership qualities that you can find from the case-study and further research from your understanding and interpretation of the leadership theories and perspectives that you have explored in this module.
  • Please note that students will receive an individual mark for the presentation based on their participation, involvement and evidence of preparation
Task 2: Individual Task 500 words speaker notes on the presentation slides that you have prepared for the first task. (40% of the overall mark)
Select an aspect of the presentation that you prepared. Write speaker notes to support the slides. Your notes should critically review theories, models and perspectives of leadership and relate them to Bezos.
Module Assignment Submission Instruction:
  • Group Task The leader of each group is responsible for collating and uploading the group’s PowerPoint slides. Before uploading to Moodle, the PowerPoint presentation must be converted to a PDF file format.
  • Individual Task The presentation that is uploaded must include each individual’s 500 words speaker’s notes under their relevant slides

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