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Reducing Patient Waiting Time in Pediatric ED

Guidance on developing your course/module assessed presentation

To help you better understand the assessment

  • By reading through the assessment guidelines
  • By going through the suggested template for presentations thinking about what element go where
  • Offering some general advice and guidance on presenting with powerpoint  

Within this assessment students are required to offer a rounded case for the development of a practice innovation/improvement. Specifically this means:

  1. Briefly but clearly articulating the objectives of your innovation
  2. Constructing an argument for the feasibility and longer term viability of the planned innovation
  3. Offering a detailed evaluation of the stakeholders (for example, professionals and service users) in your innovation 
  4. Providing a logical and coherent strategy for communication with stakeholders to support your innovation
  5. Providing a logical and coherent strategy for leading the change justifying the choice made
  6. Briefly, present a realistic plan for the achievement of the objectives of your innovation reflecting on the characteristics of the team implementing the improvement.
  7.  Offer a reasoned strategy for monitoring the effectiveness of the innovation
  8. Briefly demonstrate that you have considered and addressed risks to the implementation of your innovation and have considered clinical risk arising from your improvement to practice

These points should be addressed with reference to theoretical frameworks and explanatory theories

This is a suggested or optional template to follow

you should use it critically and only if it helps guide your work

  • What do you want to achieve and how does this fit with the strategic aims of your department and/or employing organisation?
  • How possible is your project? 
  • Is it achievable?
  • Does it have the potential to be successful and what might stop it happening?
  • You have to use Swot analysis
  • You may need two slides
  • Who is affected by your project? 
  • What are the relationships with these people like? 
  • Which relationships are important and which ones need building or protecting?
  • You have to use listing tools
  • Stakeholders mapping tools  
  • What will you need to tell people who need to know?
  • How will you know who needs to know what?
  • What methods of communication will you use – and why?
  • You have to use a table for communication
  • You may need two slides
  • Which leadership approaches inform the actions just described and why are they suitable for your project?
  • You have to use transformational leadership or Adaptive leadership. 
  • Provide a realistic plan with objectives, activities, resources, milestones and deadlines.
  • You will probably need two slides and arranging your plans in a table might be helpful
  • Provide a realistic plan with objectives, activities, resources, milestones and deadlines.
  • You will probably need two slides and arranging your plans in a table might be helpful 

What are risks to your project?

  • Are there risks from your project
  • How will you assess these risks?  What might go wrong?  What are the negative things that will happen? What measures will you put into place to manage the risks associated with your project?
  • It might be helpful to summarise what you have said and emphasise your key points 
  • You may need two slides
  • detailed critical discussion cannot happen on the slides but it is vital that references and theoretical frameworks used are cited, correctly
  • Avoid writing smaller than this (24point)
  • Use PowerPoint to provide points to expand on rather than read from
  • Do not overcrowd your slides a rule of thumb might be 6-7 points per slide
  • By All means use pictures but ensure that you do not breach copyright 
  • Avoid low contrast between background and letters like                            black on white works well
  • Proof read and recheck your work before presentation to avoid grammatical errors
  • Practice your presentation, it should make you more comfortable with the material and confident
  • Avoid naming you organisation
  • Remember the questions,
  • think of ones that might be obvious to the audience

There will be 3 from the assessors

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