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1) Consider your own identity as a clinical leader as you embark upon the reflective process to improve your own leadership skills.

Student Assignment Guidelines (30 minute video blog or presentation)


Over the course of the unit, you will be encouraged to regularly reflect on your own leadership journey, completing various group, individual and online activities in order to deepen your knowledge and understanding of the various elements and factors that can impact upon leadership and fellowship processes.  These activities will also assist you in meeting the relevant criteria for your assignment which consists of either a 30 minute video blog (vlog) or a presentation (either of which should be submitted to the exams office in line with submission deadlines).


In your vlog/presentation you must include the following;

1)     Consider your own identity as a clinical leader as you embark upon the reflective process to improve your own leadership skills.


2)      Articulate your own values and principles, critically reflecting on personal emotions, prejudices, strengths and limitations to improve leadership potential in self and others. 


3)      Critically discuss the importance of obtaining regular feedback on own leadership style and impact, and reflect upon the need to change behaviour in response to feedback and personal reflection.


4)      Critically explore a variety of leadership concepts/theories and discuss the application of these to your own sphere of practice. 


5)      Critically reflect upon the concepts of personal resilience and emotional intelligence, discussing the potential positive impact of each


6)      Focusing on one of the following areas:


Option 1: *Critically explore and evaluate concepts, processes and skills related to effective inter-

professional team working within the context of multi- and inter-disciplinary care provision,

acknowledging the contribution of other members and the importance of managing conflict and poor performance effectively.


Option 2: *Critically analyse and appraise concepts and principles of risk management, quality assurance and service improvement, considering your role as a clinical leader in relation to these. 


Option 3: *Critically appraise a variety of coaching and mentoring approaches that can be used to lead, empower and develop others


7)      Critically reflect on your own learning in terms of personal resilience strategies and the relationship of between these and effective leadership and followership (particularly when faced with difficult, complex problems and practice issues).


8)      Explain how what you have learnt on the unit will help you to promote future communities of practice.






Assignment Marking Criteria

When awarding a mark for your summative work (video blog (vlog) or presentation), markers will consider your work in accordance with the marking criteria outlined below: 

  • Critical analysis of the main theories, philosophies and principles.
  • Integration of theory and practice to provide a strong evidence base for the arguments being presented
  • Ability to critically evaluate and analyse the evidence so as to demonstrate both the strengths and limitations of the study/text/arguments
  • Proof of in-depth and discerning reading to underpin own emerging ideas
  • Use of research findings to support/challenge, analyse and synthesise material for presentation as part of a cogent, academic argument.
  • Ability to demonstrate originality of thought and emergent independent thinking
  • Clarity of presentation/expression and accurate use of Harvard Referencing System. Your work must be supported by a full/complete reference list. (Work submitted without a final reference list will be awarded a mark of 0 in line with our University Regulations).
  • The extent to which the unit learning outcomes have been met.

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