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1) Research how Maria Callas and Madonna have had their reputations as divas established.

The student’s work should be presented in an ESSAY of around 1200 words.

Writing and Discussion Topic:

Famous people are known to have their reputations precede them. However, the process of reputation construction/formation is far from being a simple and straightforward process as very little is involved in investigating the sources and accuracy of reputations. Taking Maria Callas, the famous opera singer, and Madonna, the pop idol, as case studies, you are required to investigate the complexity of the theme of reputation before embarking on more readings that would help you address the subthemes numbered 1-5 that follow:     

1)    Research how Maria Callas and Madonna have had their reputations as divas established.

2)     Identify the factors that have contributed to Maria Callas and Madonna’s fame and reputation, or diva status.

3)    Reflect on how the process of reputation construction of Maria Callas and that of Madonna are similar to or different from each other.

4)    Investigate whether myth and truth can happily coexist in the process of reputation construction as applies to the two divas, Callas and Madonna.

5)    Summarize the lessons learnt from Maria Callas and Madonna’s cases as far as diva status acquisition is concerned.


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