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2. Describe, analyse and constructively critique a range of perspectives on early childhood education in this and some other countries

Here is the module guide for the this module.


An essay discussing pedagogy and curriculum in the early years.  3,500 words


Module learning outcomes


On successful completion of this module students will be able to:


1.   Critically analyse aspects of early childhood curricula in relation to theories of learning and pedagogy and relate this to practice in their settings


2.   Describe, analyse and constructively critique a range of perspectives on early childhood education in this and some other countries


3.   Identify the relationship between the history of early childhood provision in the UK and its present form


4.   Articulate the practitioner’s role in planning and implementing a broad and balanced, child-centred curriculum indoors, outdoors and beyond the early childhood setting



To produce a report which demonstrates in some way a change made to practice or provision. This change may be small - remember change can take a long time to achieve.  In addition, you can acknowledge a `work in progress` i.e. that you have got so far with implementing a change to practice or provision and can then note what you hope to achieve in the future.

Whatever you choose you need to keep it small and related to the work you are actually doing in the setting. 

When thinking about ‘small’ here it might be something such as the following (assuming you do not do these things already):

• Changing the role play area in response to the children’s interests

• Shifting practice so children serve themselves at lunchtime or choose when to have their own snack if at present you have a set snack time

• Enhancing e.g. bike play provision outdoors or the water play area indoors (perhaps choose a neglected area to develop further)

• Re-invigorating an aspect of provision following an evaluation done with children 

• Changing story times so children have this time in small groups with their key person as opposed to being in one larger group and not necessarily with their key person

Please note again (we cannot emphasise this enough): we are not expecting a dramatic change to practice in a short space of time, but you will certainly be able to show the starting point and reason for wanting to change an aspect of your provision and will be able to show some changes albeit small ones. 


Before making some changes to practice:

• Discuss your ideas with your tutor

• Discuss your ideas with your setting. You certainly need to get the agreement of your setting. 

Where your ideas may come from (ensure confidentiality!)

• Observations on the children

• Area of provision that is neglected by the team

• Ofsted report or current development plan in your setting

• Children’s interests

• Something you have read about

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