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a) Draw a UML use case diagram KCCA repair system. (You’ll have to make a number of assumptions about the manner in which a user interacts with this system.



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  • Your file should be saved in the PDF format
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  • Your first page must include your Name, Registration number, Course code and Course name
  • Ensure to upload your work on MUELE and shared google drive link in the allocated time. After the deadline, the portals will be closed and no work will be accepted via email or any other channel.

QUESTION ONE (20 marks)

  1. Kampala City Council Authority has decided to develop a Web-based pothole tracking and repair system. A description follows:

Citizens can log onto a website and report the location and severity of potholes. As potholes are reported they are logged within a “KCCA repair system” and are assigned an identifying number, stored by street address, size (on a scale of 1 to 10), location (middle, curb, etc.), county (determined from street address),and repair priority (determined from the size of the pothole).

Work order data is associated with each pothole and include pothole location and size, repair crew identifying number, number of people on crew, equipment assigned, hours applied to repair, hole status (work in progress, repaired, temporary repair, not repaired), amount of filler material used, and cost of repair (computed from hours applied, number of people, material and equipment used).

Finally, a damage file is created to hold information about reported damage due to the pothole and includes citizen’s name, address, phone number, type of damage, and shillings amount of damage.

KCCA repair system is an online system; all queries are to be made interactively.

a) Draw a UML use case diagram KCCA repair system. (You’ll have to make a number of assumptions about the manner in which a user interacts with this system.) [10 Marks]

b) Write two or three use cases that describe the roles of various actors in the KCCA repair system. [5 Marks]

c) Develop an activity diagram for one aspect of KCCA repair system. [5 Marks]

QUESTION TWO (20 marks)

  1. Develop a complete use case for one of the following activities:

a) Searching for books (on a specific topic) using an online bookstore. [5 Marks]

b) Setting up a university email account. [5 Marks]

2. Write a user story for one of the activities listed in question 1. [8 Marks]

3. Consider the use case you created in question 1, write a non-functional requirement for the application. [ 2 Marks]


1. Assume that 10 errors have been introduced in the requirements model and that each error will be amplified by a factor of 2:1 into design and an addition 20 design errors are introduced and then amplified 1.5:1 into code where an additional 30 errors are introduced. Assume further that all unit testing will find 30 percent of all errors, integration will find 30 percent of the remaining errors, and validation tests will find 50 percent of the remaining errors. No reviews are conducted. How many errors will be released to the field? [ 10 Marks]

2. Team A found 342 errors during the software engineering process prior to release. Team B found 184 errors. What additional measures would have to be made for projects A and B to determine which of the teams eliminated errors more efficiently? What metrics would you propose to help in making the determination? What historical data might be useful? [10 Marks]

3. You have been appointed a project manager within an information systems organization. Your job is to build an application that is quite similar to others your team has built, although this one is larger and more complex. Requirements have been thoroughly documented by the customer. What team structure would you choose and why? What software process model(s) would you choose and why? [ 5 Marks]

Giving reasons for your answer based on the type of system being developed, suggest the most appropriate generic software process model that might be used as a basis for managing the development of the following systems:

QUESTION F0UR (20 marks)

a) A system to control anti-lock braking in a car [ 5 Marks]

b) A virtual reality system to support software maintenance [ 5 Marks]

c) A university accounting system that replaces an existing system [ 5 Marks]

QUESTION FIVE (20 marks)

1. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, your company decides to close a number of offices and to provide support for staff to work from home. However, the senior management who introduce the policy are unaware that software is developed using agile methods, which rely on close team working and pair programming. Discuss the difficulties that this new policy might cause and how you might get around these problems. [10 Marks]

2. Software is increasingly being developed by teams where the team members are working at different locations. Suggest features in a version management system that may be required to support this distributed software development.[5 Marks]

3. Why does open-world software present a challenge to conventional software engineering approaches? [5 marks]

QUESTION SIX (20 marks)

  1. The reuse of software raises a number of copyright and intellectual property issues. If a customer pays a software contractor to develop a system, who has the right to reuse the developed code? Does the software contractor have the right to use that code as a basis for a generic component? What payment mechanisms might be used to reimburse providers of reusable components? Discuss these issues and other ethical issues associated with the reuse of software. [10 Marks]
  2. To help counter terrorism, many countries are have developed computer systems that track large numbers of their citizens and their actions. Clearly this has privacy implications. Discuss the ethics of working on the development of this type of system. [5 Marks]
  3. You have taken a job with a software user who has contracted your previous employer to develop a system for them. You discover that your company’s interpretation of the requirements are different from the interpretation taken by your previous employer. Discuss what you should do in such a situation. You know that the costs to your current employer will increase if the ambiguities are not resolved. However, you have also a responsibility of confidentiality to your previous employer. [5 Marks]


1. Using the UML graphical notation for object classes, design the following object classes, identifying attributes and operations. Use your own experience to decide on the attributes and operations that should be associated with these objects.

a) A printer for a personal computer [5 Marks]

b) A personal stereo system [5 Marks]

c) A bank account [5 Marks]

d) A library catalogue [5 Marks]


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