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Apply research techniques, define objectives and establish scope for a substantial piece of work.

Critical Literature Review

Assessment task details and instructions


The critical literature review should present a substantial review of literature relevant to your project (knowledge in your chosen topic area). Therefore, the content of everyone’s literature review will be different.

There should be critical evaluation of articles, discussion and clear argument (comparing and contrasting the main points) which places your project in context and shows strong justification for your choice of project.

You must decide which areas of literature are significant for your project and why. Your literature review must do more than describe literature; you should critically discuss factors of the literature that are most relevant. To be ‘critical’, you are required to read around the subject area, some articles will support your ideas, and some will not. You need to demonstrate knowledge of both perspectives and consider how these views are relevant to your work. You should have clear reasons for your assessment of the literature and by justifying these points you will be stating your critical analysis and judgement (in support and in opposition) to your project ideas. 


Presentation/formatting of the Critical Literature Review:


The critical literature review must be presented as a word document. You are required to number the sections of your work and use page numbering.

You must state the word count at the end of your literature review


Assessed intended learning outcomes


On successful completion of this assessment, you will be able to:


Knowledge and Understanding

  1. Apply research techniques, define objectives and establish scope for a substantial piece of work.
  2. Design, plan and organise a substantial piece of work.
  3. Design software, or other practical outcomes/deliverables from the work, as part of a documented requirements process.
  4. Research a topic, related to an aspect of the degree programme, in depth by searching in, and studying the literature and by carrying out original research.
  5. Write a substantive document to include a review of relevant literature.

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