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Compare and contrast elements of two management theories with examples.

Assessment Brief One: Business and Management

Module Code and Title

IML4001 Business and Management

Essay Question Options:

Compare and contrast elements of two management theories with examples.

       (Max 1,500 words)

The essay should demonstrate planning, research, analysis and the ability to build coherent critical arguments. You are expected to refer to your core text and other credible academic sources.

Special Instructions

The word count (excluding referencing) should not exceed 1,500 words excluding references.

Guidelines: Format: 11” Arial, Justified, 1.5 Space

Essential Source

  • Combe, C. (2014). Oxford University Press.

Other Texts:

  • Armstrong, G. Kotler, P. with Opresnik, M. (2017) Marketing: an Introduction. 13th Edition. Pearson.
  • Brassington, F. et al. Essentials of Marketing. 3rd Edition. Prentice Hall.
  • Czinkota M, Ronkainen I and Zvobgo G (2013). International Marketing. Cengage Learning
  • Rugman A M and Collinson S (2012). International Business. Pearson, 6th Ed.
  • The use of academic journals is highly recommended.

Expectation: Critical analysis. The rules on plagiarism apply.

Note on References

Harvard Referencing. It is important to reference sources in accordance with the referencing conventions recommended for the course. These conventions apply to information taken from Internet sources, books and journals and also lecture notes.

Assessment Criteria

The essay will be marked on the following criteria:

work is assessed on four criteria:

- Range of knowledge

- Engagement with the question

- Quality of argument and analysis

- Organization and presentation

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