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Create a business model approach (e.g. Business Model Canvas) incl. an analysis of the industry (e.g. PESTEL, SWOT) that the company is in

The members of your team are consultants that support firms that want to get more out of their business. You and your colleagues are independent experts in their field and know the major technology solutions quite well. You all have good analytical skills that enable you to analyze business processes. Based on that, you are able to give companies useful recommendations on what kind of solution fits their needs and can provide the firm with high values.
Pick out a company that you are quite familiar with. In your group, create a report (maximum of 12 pages) for your transformation project that contains the most important steps needed to perform digital transformation. Make sure you choose an adequate structure for your document (e.g. make use of the big picture/roadmap of digital transformation). Provide a justification together with your recommendation of an adequate technology. Approach the lecturer in case something is unclear or you don’t know what to do. 
Work Packages:
1 - Digital Reality
• Create a business model approach (e.g. Business Model Canvas) incl. an analysis of the industry (e.g. PESTEL, SWOT) that the company is in. Find technology or process best practices of that industry and one corresponding industry (some material can be found on the ilearn platform). 
• Derive min. 3 processes (e.g. Product/Service Matrix) and model these processes using BPMN methodology incl. min one sub-process per main process. Make sure the processes do have a certain IT relation.
2 - Digital Potential
• Describe and justify how technology trends can be integrated in one of the outlined processes. Depending on your approach it might be necessary to restructure the process. In that case re-model the process (reengineering) according to the changes made.
3 - Digital Fit
• According to the process and the technology used in the process derive use cases clarifying what is needed for the new process (e.g. requirements engineering)
4 - Digital Implementation
• Decide on an implementation strategy for the new product or service and justify your choice.
• Define success factors that are needed to make your new product or service a success.
• Derive a concept for IT GRC: IT GRC structure, how to deal with new requirements to the process, what committee structures are needed,

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