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Critically analyse the impact of leadership on organisations and in the context of project management.

Academic Year:             2019-2020

Semester: Resist Diet

Module Title:   Project Leadership, Teams and Behaviours

Module Number:            BSM202

Coursework No:

  1 Resit


  100 %

Coursework Title: Project Leadership, Teams and Behaviours



Coursework Brief:

You are a director of a project-based SME. Your company provides engineering solutions to businesses in the oil and gas sector in UK. The company has managed to survive throughout the recent downturn, although it initially lost 20% of its employees; however, over the last 24 months business has stabilised and the most recent projections predict growth over the next two to three years. Despite the positive outlook it has come to your attention that there is a problem with morale, which you suspect is having a direct impact on productivity. You have decided to address the issue by writing an initial advisory report.

Your report will evaluate 4 main areas:

  1. A consideration of individual differences within the organisation
  2. An exploration of the challenge of harnessing group dynamics
  3. An appraisal of Leadership influence on improving morale
  4. What conclusions and recommendations would you propose to the company

Please be aware, you are to take a holistic approach to this coursework and utilise your knowledge gained from across the module, i.e. do not rely on only one topic to inform your answer.

Coursework Aim:

To provide an understanding of the individual, group and organisational factors required to develop and manage high performing project teams.

Coursework Learning Outcomes:

Through further study and reflection, students are to demonstrate and expand knowledge of Teams, Leadership and Behaviours.

Presentation Format/Instructions:

Report format.


A cover page is required with the word count displayed. 10% over or under this limit is acceptable. Failure to keep within 10% of the designated word count will result in a penalty of a reduction of one grade. Any appendices you may attach are not included in the word count. You must include a statement on the front cover of your work that gives the word count. You must comply with staff requests to submit to Turnitin and provide a receipt where asked to do so.

Harvard referencing should be used throughout.

Criteria for Assessment: Please also see attached grading grid

Please pay attention to the mark distribution on the grading grid. Only use academically credible sources – these include peer reviewed journals, text books, trade body reports and organisational reports, but exclude blogs, wiki’s and other non-verified material.

Instructions for submission:

(hard copy/online/turnitin/number of copies where appropriate)

Please submit one electronic copy of your submission, uploaded on turntin, through the module moodle page.

Please ensure you upload before the deadline.

If you have problems uploading your coursework please contact the I.T. Helpdesk in the first instance, and notify the module coordinator of any technical issues Do NOT email your submission to the module coordinator; all submissions must go through turnitin.

Submissions will be marked through Turnitin and the feedback and marks will also be released by this method.  You may upload drafts of your coursework to check your Turnitin similarity score up until the submission date.  The version of the assignment in the drop box when the submission date passes will be the version that is marked.  Please note that Turnitin will only accept one submission in a 24 hour period.



Module Learning Outcomes Assessed:




  1. Critically analyse the impact of leadership on organisations and in the context of project management.
  2. Critically appraise the contribution of individual factors on people`s behaviour and performance at work in a project management context.
  3. Critically appraise the contribution of group behavioural factors on performance at work in a project management context.
  4. Critically appraise the contribution of organisational factors on people`s behaviour and performance at work in a project management context.

Word limit/presentation time limit

3000 +/- 10%


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