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Critically compares the current information system that is used by Windermere College with information systems from other organisations

Unit 4.53         Information Systems Theory and Practice



You have just gained employment in a consultancy firm Net-Works, which provides IT support to organisations. Net-Works has a range of clients in the education sector but there are also some businesses particularly in the financial sector.  Net-Works has just gained a contract with Windermere College which is dissatisfied with its existing information system.  The system is heavily used by staff and must provide accurate data.  However not all staff are trained to use it and this can lead to mistakes including data entry errors and the consequent production of inaccurate reports. 

The system is used for student enrolment processes, tracks learner progress and achievement and it generates the evidence for funding claims from external agencies. Senior managers also use the data to monitor performance of different departments in the College and to determine whether the organisation as a whole is meeting key performance indicators. The outputs from the system are also used by external groups such as auditors and inspectors.

The college has launched a mobile app to allow students to enrol online, however the application is difficult to use and is not fully linked to the courses which are shown on the website.  Also if the student wants to enrol as an apprentice they have to apply in person through the apprenticeship office which means that data is not always held in the central system until after the student has started. 

In the next few months Windermere College expects to face a reduction in its finances from the Government and also due to uncertainty in the local economy this reduction will not be compensated through an increase in fees for full cost courses. Indeed the staff in the college have been told that some cost cutting measures will need to be introduced for aspects of the college operation.



Activity 1

Using the information provided and with some additional external research, produce a presentation to the management team at Windermere College which:

  • Critically compares the current information system that is used by Windermere College with information systems from other organisations
  • Evaluates the effectiveness of a current system
  • Analyses the information systems needs of a stated functional area in a business organisation.

Activity 2

Using the analysis and evaluation of the current system produce a detailed explanation of the requirements of the proposed new information system in order to meet the needs of Windermere College.

  • Produce a report which assesses the feasibility of the project.


  • Produce a detailed project plan which identifies how a new information system can be developed.

LO2 Assessment criteria: 2.1, 2.2, 2.3


Activity 3

Your project plan has been accepted in principle by the College’s management team but before signing the contract it wants to know more about the review process and what will take place. It has asked you to attend a meeting and in preparation for this important event you decide to produce a handout for the participants at the meeting which: 

  • Identifies the benefits of reviewing the performance of an information system 
  • Provides information on the criteria you have devised for reviewing an information system’s performance
  • Assesses the different methods which can be used in an information system review

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