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Develop an advanced understanding of financial models and management techniques

In this paper, the student is required to explain the main theme of finance and business management that involves different aspects such as financial models, strategic dimensions, financial decisions, business problems, numeracy, and quantitative skills, information technology, etc.

Educational aims and learning outcomes of the programmes

Programme aims The programme provides students with an opportunity to develop and apply master’s level knowledge, understanding and skills within an accountancy and finance related context. The programme will require students to assimilate master’s level knowledge and demonstrate critical appraisal of alternative solutions to financial decision making based on systematic analysis of complex business problems. Students will also be required to demonstrate independent research capability and present complex ideas through a range of different media appropriate to a finance professional.

Learning outcomes

(MSc) A student is expected to

A Knowledge and understanding:

 Develop an advanced understanding of financial models and management techniques.

 Understand the strategic dimension when applying specific models and techniques to support decision making.

 Understand complex models and concepts underpinning financial decisions that underpin assumptions of value creation within organisations.

 Understand the complex internal and external relationships for organisations when management make decisions.

 Apply research skills to support financial decision making analysis.

 Assimilate, identify and critically appraise data used for financial decisions at a strategic level in organisations

B Cognitive skills

 Think critically and creatively in selecting alternative solutions.

 Solve complex problems to support financial decisions.

 Identify and evaluate options to solving business problems.

 Undertake research into a financially related business problem and to apply skills in the assembling and analysis of data collected.

C Practical and professional skills

 Develop numeracy and quantitative skills to apply to business management.

 Apply critical self-reflection to business practice and experience.

 Communicate complex solutions effectively to business related decisions.

 Use information technology effectively.

 Demonstrate effective self-direction and efficient time management

Develop an advanced understanding of financial models and management techniques

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