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Evaluate and exploit published teaching materials, online resources and authentic texts

Assignment C - Instructions 

This assignment aims to develop and assess your ability to

• Evaluate and exploit published teaching materials, online resources and authentic texts

• Match materials and methodology to learner needs

• Design teaching activities of various types for advanced students

What am I required to do?

There are two parts to the assignment:

1) Investigating and Evaluating a coursebook

2) Selecting & exploiting authentic materials, and using the internet for teaching

You should submit both parts together.

Part 1 - Investigating and Evaluating a coursebook

1. Download the Cutting Edge Advanced Sample Unit and   Scope and Sequence

2. Download the Evaluation template and write a short evaluation of the book and saying why you would or would not like to use this book with an advanced class. Refer to the relevant points on the checklist given in Unit 10 of the TEFL Academy course. (300 - 500 words). 

Part 2 - Selecting and exploiting authentic materials and using the internet for teaching. 

Who am I teaching?

You are working in an English speaking country. You have a mixed nationality general English class of 15 Advanced C1-C2 adults (See the authentic text template for more detail). 

Select a suitable authentic* listening or reading passage that you have found on the internet that you could use for a listening or reading comprehension lesson. If you choose a reading text, submit a copy of the text with your assignment. If you choose a listening text provide a link, but please also write out a script in full. You should highlight 12 vocabulary items (words or phrases) which it would be useful to teach. You do NOT need to provide a lesson plan or description of your comprehension lesson.

Do not use material found on educational websites, which has already been presented as teaching material. You must demonstrate your own ability to find and exploit authentic materials. 

Academic referencing (using quotes from or referring to text books, websites or the TEFL Academy online course) is a requirement for this qualification. 

All materials should be properly referenced in a bibliography.

* An authentic text is one which was originally aimed at native or proficient English speakers, and was not designed as a piece of language teaching material. `Listening material` includes videos.


1. Devise three follow up activities to exploit the language and/or the topic of the text you have selected. 

Download the activities template for more detail on what the activities should consist of. 

2. Write a 500-700 word essay in which you cover the areas specified in the template.

Before submitting your work, look through document  Checklist - how this assignment will be graded.  

What should I submit?

Download the templates using the links below to ensure you submit all required items. 

Please submit your assignment on these templates, ensuring they are CLEARLY labelled and numbered as below. Please note if you do not submit all 5 documents labelled as below, you will be asked to re-submit

Note: Before submitting the documents, convert them to .pdf format. We will only accept files in this format.

1. An evaluation of Cutting Edge Advanced
2. An authentic* listening or reading passage
3. Three activities and all necessary materials
4. A 500-700  word essay covering areas specified in the template
5. Bibliography

You`ll then be able to complete your assignment offline and check it before you submit it to your assessor.

If English is not your first language, please check your language carefully. Your marker will be looking for evidence that your English is of a higher level than the students the lesson is designed for.

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