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Explore Some of the key Challenges currently facing the company (McGraw-Hill Education) within the education sector as result of COVID19 Pandemic

BBS003-1 Foundations of Business Communication

2,400 words- total

Part 1- 1200 words

Company and Business Problem:   McGraw-Hill Education.

Explore Some of the key Challenges currently facing the company (McGraw-Hill Education) within the education sector as result of COVID19 Pandemic.

  • Using reading and research demonstrate your understanding of how at least one of the business models like SWOT, PESTEL and Porters Five Forces can be used to analyse a business scenario
  • Present your work in a formal report with headings using Harvard style referencing
  • Exploring a business problem faced by the company and the impact of solutions recommended supported by evidence

– written based on your research findings so in 3rd person

Your report may include:

  • Introduction to the report
  • Summary of the assignment case study (Business Case Company)
  • Exploration of the business problem
  • Impact of potential strategic solutions supported by published academic research
  • ·       Conclusion
  • List of References


Business Report Style

Part 2: Reflective Report on Key Skills Development (approx. 1,200 words)

Your personal reflection is based on your learning experience documented by your journal entries in BREO which will form part of this assessment. Therefore, journal entries added on a regular basis in weeks 1-5 are required to evidence how you have developed and used key skills in the initial learning in the unit and in the analysis of the business case for this assignment.

This can be achieved by completing journal entries on your self-assessment analysis, VARK, Belbin and all personal development activities that link to key employability skills.

In the reflective report you may explore key skill development in all or any of the following areas:

  • Communication (both verbal and written – evidenced by classroom discussion, presentations and report writing)
  • Numeracy – (evidenced by examples of use of data and statistics in your seminar activities and this submission)
  • ICT (evidenced using Microsoft Office programs during the unit)
  • Problem Solving (evidenced by examples of analysis and information gathering, during the unit and in the submission of the assignment)
  • Working with Others (evidenced by reflecting on your experience working in teams during the unit)

The reflective report should include continued evaluation of your experience working in class and your practice week by relating where possible to models and theories like Belbin, Tuckman and Kolb. You can also include reflection on learning from feedback offered in seminars and from SEM 1 units as your development is continuous

The reflective report should conclude with an action plan using the SMART framework. So, where you identify an improvement is needed, document how you intend to do that.


  • Reflective report should be written about yourself so in 1st person
  • All links to key skills development must be referenced in text to entries in your journal. For Example:

“Since Semester one unit learning I have continued to develop and work on these XXXX academic skills, how to read an article and paraphrase key elements of it, reference it correctly so that it could be included in a formal submission” (JNL Week 4 (date)

  • Your report should be correctly referenced in Harvard style with references in text and in a reference list at the end of your report.


McGraw Hill Education Information Sheet

Company Information





Industry Information



Digital Educational Publishing Market by End-user and Geography - Forecast and Analysis 2020-2024.


Digital Educational Publishing Market by End-user and Geography - Foreca...

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