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FT U12 Organisational Behaviour

FT U12 Organisational Behaviour

Learning Objectives

LO1 Analyse the influence of culture, politics and power on the behaviour of others in an organisational context

LO2 Evaluate how to motivate individuals and teams to achieve a goal

LO3 Demonstrate an understanding of how to cooperate effectively with others

LO4 Apply concepts and philosophies of organisational behaviour to a given business situation

You are an intern working in organisational development in a local company. The company can be a large local company or the local subsidiary of an international company. You have been invited to attend a Nordic Employer Advisory conference on behalf of your organisation. Before the conference takes place, you are required to submit a case study report that critically evaluates the influence of culture, politics and power and motivation on the behaviour and performance of individuals and teams in your company.

In your Case Study Report you will:

● Briefly introduce your company.

● Critically analyse how organisational culture, politics and power influence the behaviour and performance of both individuals and teams.

● Critically evaluate how the effective application of behavioural motivational theories, concepts and models in your organisation influences the behaviour of others.

● Discuss how these factors can enable teams and organisations to succeed, and provide justified recommendations .

For LO3:

You are a team leader in a medium-sized company that creates mobile games. The Director of Human Resources has invited you and other team leaders to attend a workshop to discuss team development theories and their influence on behaviour in the workplace. The aim of the group discussion is to critically analyse and evaluate how the relevant team and group development theories can support the development of effective, dynamic cooperation. Support your explanations with relevant examples of effective and ineffective teams. Try to reach a consensus on how team development theories can influence behaviour in the workplace. In your reflective paper, you should analyse how effective your group discussion was in achieving its aims.

For LO4

The Directors (see scenario in LO3), have now asked you to prepare for possible changes in the organisation. The company would like to shift some of its functions to distance working. You will introduce some useful concepts and philosophies of organisational behaviour to help them face the challenges of the future. You are required to prepare a written guidance that will:

● Introduce the relevant concepts and philosophies of organisational behaviour for the organisation.

● Apply the relevant concepts to the given business situation.

● Evaluate how the concepts can inform and influence behaviour in both a positive and negative way.

● Critically analyse and evaluate the relevance of the concepts and philosophies of OB and justify your conclusions in the context of the given business situation.

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