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How did the marketing campaign for Hunger Games: Catching Fire mark a departure from a traditional marketing campaign for a movie? W

Final Exam Questions: Hunger Games CASE STUDY

  1. Problem Definition: The main problem (if any) facing the company that needs to be resolved.
  2. Decision facing the Company: The main decision that the company needs to make
  3. Core Value and Positioning Strategy: Positioning strategy of any firm is the place that the firm occupies in the minds of their customers relative to their competitors and is closely tied to the core value of that firm.
  4.  Target Market: Identify the primary target market for the firm.
  5.  Competition: List the major and closest competitors in the market.
  6.  4 P`s: Analyze the 4 P’s of the firm- their product/service, price, promotion and place strategies.
  7.  SWOT analysis: SWOT can be listed out in tabular form-

Location of Factor

Type of Factors











  1.  Analysis: This will contain your answers to all the questions posed below. Make each question a sub-heading under the section ‘Analysis’ and write your responses below each of the sub-heading.

a)      How did the marketing campaign for Hunger Games: Catching Fire mark a departure from a traditional marketing campaign for a movie? What was innovative about the marketing approach adopted by Lionsgate?

b)     A good transmedia storytelling campaign should be persistent, pervasive, participatory, and personalized. Critically evaluate the campaign based on these elements.

c)      Discuss why Lionsgate focused on engaging existing customers rather than attracting new customers to the movie. Do you agree with the decision to not focus on other segments like older customers or male customers?

d)     Carefully review all the creative and media tactics used in the campaign. What did Lionsgate do well and what could have been done better?

e)      What elements of the Catching Fire campaign would you reuse to promote the subsequent movie, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part I? What elements would you change? Why?

f)       To what extent can the transmedia storytelling approach be used for marketing non entertainment products? What contextual factors would determine the applicability and effectiveness of the approach?

  1. Recommendations: Make recommendations as to how the problem you identified at the beginning should be resolved. Back it up with logical explanations and factual evidence rather than hearsay.
  2. References: All references from articles, books, online resources etc. should be mentioned here. 

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