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Identify all households within the UK that had been upgraded by Zoro Ltd.

Project Management assignment

The stated objectives of the project were to:

  • Identify all households within the UK that had been upgraded by Zoro Ltd.
  • Contact all households identified as being upgraded by Zoro Ltd. by letter with an explanation of what to look for to identify the control unit.
  • Support the operation by the introduction of a temporary Call Centre to handle telephone calls in response to the letter (for 12 call handlers initially, reducing as the volume of calls received declined after the first week or so)
  • Organise visits from local FPOs and regional maintenance contractors to visit dwellings to assess fire potential and replace any faulty control units


Assignment Questions

A realistic and comprehensive Case Study forms a central part of the teaching strategy for this module. Time has been allocated in the seminars for you to establish groups of 4-5 people to review the case study provided to you on CANVAS.

Read the case study provided on CANVAS (Cleveland Callback Project 2019). In the role of the Project Consultant you are required to develop a project audit report, structured along the following lines:

Part A – Project Initiation

What information should have been included in the project initiation document right from the beginning of the project? 

(40 marks)

Part B – Project Planning

Given the verbal information provided by the IT Consultants, produce a Gantt chart of the above indicating the critical activities.

(20 marks)

Part C – Risk Management

Discuss how you would have conducted the risk management on the Cleveland Callback Project 2019.  

(20 marks)

Part D – Progress Management

Update your plan with the progress information provided. Using this information, extrapolate forward with effect from 20 August 2019 and assess the chances of the project being able to meet the new go-live date on 15 October.  Include an updated Gantt chart.

Suggest any tactical options for bring the expected Go-Live date forward.

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