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Introduce the company, the three concepts and associated models and theories to be used in analysing its strategy

Assignment Guidance

  • Word count of 1,500 words ± 10% includes in-text citations but excludes reference list entries.
  • Write in the 3rd person
  • include an introduction and conclusion
    • The literature and how you show it supports the analysis, and the way you structure your argument will evidence your understanding of the literature you have read, its application to strategic management and ultimately the analysis and evaluation of the company strategy
    • ·
      • Use a wide range of academic and industry-based literature to support and inform your writing. Remember to include correctly formatted in- text citations and reference list.
      • Must include textbooks and journal articles as academic sources. Industry sources will include credible business news reports, information from company website, industry body reports etc etc.
      • Identify where writers agree or disagree – this contributes to the critique of literature, theories, models and concepts
  • The main body of the assignment (the analysis and evaluation) should present a clear, logical and coherent discussion.
  • Use paragraphs effectively to structure your discussion around points. Do not present work as one long paragraph or many very short paragraphs.
  • You should discuss and evidence a few key points in detail, rather than include lots of points that are dealt with in a superficial way.
  • Each paragraph should provide evidence (literature cited correctly from varied credible sources) to support the discussion. Evidence might include data, facts, quotations, arguments, statistics and research from the literature. Explain how and/or why this evidence supports the point(s) being discussed.
  • Vary the placements of citations, i.e. do not place all citations at the end of a block of writing or paragraph.
  • Use Harvard Referencing
  • Do not merely describe the concepts/models in generic terms
  • Apply the concepts/models to the context of the question
  • Analyse the company’s strategy using evidence from different sources to inform the analysis and its findings
  • Use and synthesise literature from a wide selection of academic and industry-based sources to support your analysis and evaluation
  • Evaluate both the company strategy and literature
    • Reference correctly using Harvard Referencing, both in-text citations and reference list entries.
    • Use credible evidence (academic and industry-based literature) to support your analysis and findings. E.g. industry literature could include business news articles on the company. Remember to include correctly formatted citations.
    • Evaluate models, theories and literature, i.e. offer a critique. This is not your opinion but based on the writing and views of other authors in the field of study. Are there gaps, limitations or omissions with a particular model, theory or concept. Use literature and citations to support your evaluation

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