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LO1: Produce effective application documentation for a business management position

Assessment Type (and weighting) Personal Records and Reflective Analysis (50%)

Learning Outcomes Assessed:

LO1: Produce effective application documentation for a business management position

LO5: Appraise own professional and life skills and reflect on academic and personal goals

LO6: Analyse career routes and make recommendations for future career choices

Assessment Brief

As part of your preparation for undertaking your Work Based Learning (WBL) placement and mini-research project for this module, you are required to put together a practical portfolio (collection) of documents providing evidence that you have:

 Prepared effectively and appropriately to participate in your selected WBL placement

 Considered your current academic, personal and professional skills and their relevance for your WBL Placement

 Identified key areas for the development of new skills, and / or the enhancement of existing skills through participation in your WBL placement

 Reflected upon the choices available to you as a Business and Management student, and in particular considered how your WBL placement may influence and support your future career development

 Set out a clear rationale for undertaking your WBL placement, based upon your relevant skills and capabilities. This should include documentation to demonstrate that you have matched your profile to the needs of your WBL placement provider via an application (or proposal) for your selected placement.

There is no maximum word count for this assignment – However, your grade will depend partially upon the quality of evidence you include in your portfolio, in support of the learning outcomes and considerations set out above.

However, as a minimum, your portfolio must include the following documents:

1) LO5 / LO6 Personal Career Assessment (Reflective Statement) (up to 40 %) (800-1000 words max) exploring:

a. An outline of what areas of business you are interested in

b. Explanation of how a potential WBL placement aligns with your interests

c. An assessment of your personal and professional skills that are of particular relevance to your placement (use the Personal Skills Profile to support this).

d. An outline of any gaps identified by your Personal Skills Profile and how you plan to address these

e. An assessment of your Research Skills (use the Research Skills Profile to support this) and an outline of how you plan to reinforce areas where your profile identifies gaps (in particular you might wish to comment on how your WBL placement will help you to refine / improve your research skills)

f. A concluding section setting out how you believe your selected WBL placement will influence your future career direction.

2) LO5 Completed Personal Skills Profile (from Moodle) (5%)

3) LO5 Completed Research Skills Profile (from Moodle) (5%)

4) LO1 A completed and signed off Expression of Interest for the WBL placement you wish to undertake (this element may change depending upon the availability of placement opportunities, which will become evident during mid-late February 2020) (up to 10%)

5) LO1 (up to 40%) Either

a. A completed Terms of Reference Document signed off by both your module tutor and WBL placement ‘sponsor’ OR

b. A completed Project Proposal document signed off by both your module tutor and WBL placement ‘sponsor’

Guidance will be given in class based sessions to ensure you include the most appropriate / relevant form of ‘evidence of application’ for the WBL placement you secure. You are free to include further supporting documents should these be relevant to your WBL placement, but these may not contribute to your overall assessed grade This assignment is unusual in that it is more focused on practical outcomes and outputs for students that normal ‘academic’ assessments. As a result, there may not be any requirement for academic referencing in constructing your responses to the assignment brief. You are free, however, to include such references should you identify sources of relevance to your submission.

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