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LO1: Understand key concepts and principles of management, including the basic roles, skills, and functions of management

Assignment Brief


BA Business



Module Title:

Organisational Theory and Practice

Module Leader:


Assignment titles:

1. Individual Case Study Analysis

Assignment number:



Individual Case Study:  100 %

Date given out:

April 2020

Submission date:


Eligible for late submission (3 working days, with penalty)?


Method of submission:


Online only


Online and paper copy

Special instructions for submission (if any):


Date for results and feedback:


Employability skills assessed:

C1:         Reading, selecting, analysing and synthesising information from a range of sources

C2:         Producing different types of document

C3:         Participating in discussions

C4:         Making presentations

LP1:       Develop a strategy for using a range of skills to  improve own learning and performance

IT1:        Preparing information

IT2:        Processing and presenting information

S1:         Plan personal work schedules

WWO2:  Working towards identified targets

Learning outcomes assessed:

LO1: Understand key concepts and principles of management, including the basic roles, skills, and functions of management 

LO2: Describe the interactions between the organisational structure, different functions and discuss how to achieve high performance and explain the components and complexities of an organisation`s culture and its impact on the manager 

LO3: Understand the nature of change in the organisation, leadership and group dynamics in order to explain the management dilemmas faced by managers enhance organisational effectiveness 

LO4: Evaluate different models and design of organisations and analyse the effects of power, influence and conflict in organisations. 

LO5: Discuss the various theories of motivation, develop useful guidelines in motivating employees and evaluate the alternative leadership styles to make a decision regarding their appropriate use 

TASK DESCRIPTION – (Individual Assignment 100 %)


Write a report describing and analysing the management style of Mr Peter Fankhauser,   the CEO of THOMAS COOK

After undertaking an extensive research on the company, you must identify and state topics within that company.  The topics are to be chosen from your module descriptor and covers learning outcomes for this module.  You can pick any topic from the entire semester.

For each task given (FROM A to E , you are expected to incorporate at least one appropriate theory/model or recognised practice.  For example, for Motivation you could include Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. 

In your conclusion, you are to include at least two recommendations as to how might the company improve the situation in the future.

A)    Examine the management style and state the principle and functions of management used by the CEO?  (400 words)

B)    Analyse the steps taken with regard to organisation structure in order to achieve high performance and state the organisation culture at THOMAS COOK and its impact on the employees. (400 words)

C)    Describe the leadership style of the CEO of THOMAS COOK to enhance the organisational effectiveness. (400 words)

D)    Analyse the effects of power, influence and conflict at the chosen firm. (400 words)

E)     Discuss the various types of motivation used at THOMAS COOK. (400 words)

  • Use appropriate corporate examples and literature to justify your stand. (300 words)
  • Based on the discussion and debate what suggestions / recommendations (strategies) would you make  to increase organisational performance? (350 words)

See below for the full explanation of the marking criteria

The Topic/title

  1. Feel free to discuss possibilities with your lecturer.
  2. Describe’ means ‘this is what happened’, ‘Analyse’ means ‘this is why it happened’.
  3. Recommendations could relate to the future, or to what others could learn from this situation.

  Basic Format:

  • A title page, a contents page, an introduction, a main section with sub-sections, and a recommendation, conclusion and references. Clear headings are essential. Relevant sources of information should be cited using the Harvard referencing system.
  • Any areas of doubt need to be raised with your lecturer

The tasks A to F addresses all the learning outcomes.


A maximum of 3000 words not including contents, appendices or list of references. 

  1. Introduction -350 words
  2. Task A meets L01-400 words
  3. Task B meets L02-400 words
  4. Task C meets LO3-400 words
  5. Task D meets L04-400 words
  6. Task E meets L05-400 words
  7. Corporate examples and Literature-300 words
  8. Suggestions/ Recommendations-350 words


Please note the following when completing your written assignment:

  1. Writing: Written in English in an appropriate business/academic style
  2. Focus: Focus only on the tasks set in the assignment.
  3. Document format: Report
  4. Ensure a clear title, course, and name or ID number is on a cover sheet and a reference using Harvard referencing throughout is also provided.
  5. Research: Research should use reliable and relevant sources of information e.g. academic books and journals that have been peer reviewed. The research should be extensive.

The use of a range of information sources is expected – academic books, peer reviewed journal articles, professional articles, press releases and newspaper articles, reliable statistics, company annual reports and other company information. All referencing should be in Harvard style

 marking criteria and Student FEEDBACK

This section details the assessment criteria. The extent to which these are demonstrated by you determines your mark. The marks available for each criterion are shown. Lecturers use a similar format to comment on the achievement of the task(s), including those areas in which you have performed well and areas that would benefit from development/improvement.

Common Assessment Criteria Applied

Marks available



1. Research-informed Literature

Extent of research and/or own reading, selection of credible sources, application of appropriate referencing conventions.



Providing evidence of the appropriate reading/ references that form the basis of the insights in your essay.




2. Knowledge and Understanding of Subject

Extent of knowledge and understanding of concepts and underlying principles associated with the discipline.



Demonstrating familiarity with the selected concepts/ models used in your presentation.




3. Analysis

Analysis, evaluation and synthesis; logic, argument and judgement; analytical reflection; organisation of ideas and evidence



Demonstrating conceptual insights into the potential values of the selected academic concepts/ models.




4. Practical Application and Deployment

Deployment of methods, materials, tools and techniques; application of concepts; formulation of innovative and creative solutions to solve problems.



Applying your conceptual insights to successfully address the situations faced by your chosen organisation. Making recommendations for future plans and strategies.




5. Skills for Professional Practice

Attributes in professional practice: individual and collaborative working; deployment of appropriate media; presentation and organisation.



Quality of the presentation.

Potential effectiveness in terms of getting your messages across to your intended audience.



  1. TOTAL



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