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MODULE: IY005 Business Development and Entrepreneurship

Written Assignment Submission Instructions 


MODULE: IY005 Business Development and Entrepreneurship

ASSIGNMENT TITLE: Individual report


Report Task

Assignment Due Date         : 14/04/2019; (23:59)

Assignment Word Limit    : 1500 words (+/-10%)

Mark Value                           : 60%


  • This report is worth 60% of the overall mark for the module.
  • The word limit for this report is 1500 words (±10%).
  • The aims of this assignment are to give you the opportunity to:
  • Show understanding of business and management issues in relation to the planning and development of a small business
  • Demonstrate an ability to plan, create and develop a new business.
  • Apply business theories to a real business idea.
  • The deadline for the report is – Sunday 28th July 2018 (Review week)
  • You will need to submit an electronic copy to Turnitin
  • You must ensure that this assignment is your own work and in your own words
  • Any ideas/theories based upon the work of other writers must be fully acknowledged and correctly referenced both within the text and the bibliography.
  • It is not acceptable to quote major sections of text, even if it has been fully referenced.

Students individually will write a detailed REPORT about the product they presented in WEEK 5.

Produce a report of 1500 words based on a proposed new eco-business start-up of your choice. This must provide a clear plan of how you would start, run and develop your proposed business idea.

Your report must demonstrate that you have considered all of the important practical and organisational issues relating to your proposed enterprise and demonstrate your ability to understand and apply appropriate theoretical frameworks to your own business ideas.


Your report should cover all of the following areas and where appropriate must make explicit reference to appropriate theories;

Topic area


A detailed description of the product, its form and the functions it is intended to fulfil.


A brief description of how you intend to produce your product including details of all of the resources required, their associated costs and any practical issues relating to their procurement;


An analysis of the competitive nature of the environment into which your product will be launched and details of any specific risk factors that will affect your business;


A marketing plan explaining how your product will meet the needs of at least one targeted segment.


Details of your business’s financial plan which should include a projected income statement detailing all likely expenditures and revenues.


A discussion of the strategic goals of your business including a projection of how you plan to grow your business during the first year;


Reflect on business experience, decision-making, personal development and overall learning gained during the module.



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