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Option # 2: referee report

Select one of the two options below. You may work on the homework in teams up to four. *IMPORTANT: If you work in teams, each of you please submit an identical document and put the 2/3/4 student IDs on top of the Örst page clearly visible in each of the 2/3/4 documents*. Preferred Öle format is PDF. Write a "Vox EU column" or "referee report" of up to 1500 words (instructions below). Please note I would prefer a short, succinct piece than have you run up to the word limit. Notice that I may update the PDFs of the studies listed below once before the due date so please download only before you start and note the date of download at the beginning of your column/referee report.

Option # 2: referee report

Write a referee report for one of the two papers below. ìForeign Direct Investment and Knowledge Di§usion in Poor Locationsî available HERE (scroll down the webpage to Önd the PDF with the full paper to download) ìCreativity over time and spaceî. available HERE (scroll down the webpage to Önd the PDF with the full paper to download)

Instructions on how to write a referee report The object is mainly to describe what the paper does (brieáy); to describe whether and why the paper is important or interesting; to point out and describe problems in the paper; to make suggestions. You should also indicate if equations and graphs/tables are not clear, or if you Önd sections that are unclear, unconvincing, incomplete. Other useful tips: HERE and HERE (Unlike what is suggested in those documents with tips, do not include your recommendation to the editor, though you can have a Önal paragraph stating brieáy some concluding remarks) HERE you can download the referee reports that I received when I submitted the paper ëGoodíFirms, Worker Flows and Local Productivity to the Journal of Labor Economics (the revised version of the paper is available on my website if you are curious)

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