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Part 1: Critically analyse the effectiveness of the tools and theoretical concepts used to develop your digital campaign


  • Set the scene of your assignment
  • Introduce your product/service opportunity
  • Introduce yourself and the role you played in your group


Part 1:  Critically analyse the effectiveness of the tools and theoretical concepts used to develop your digital campaign

You should consider: the value proposition, campaign design and use of data analytics. 

  • Was the VPC useful?  Would you use it again?  What alternatives are there?
  • What about other models used i.e Problem Canvas.  Was it useful?  Would you use it again?
  • What other sources did you use to inform your digital campaign – i.e sector specialist knowledge, research on design principles etc.  How useful were these to inform your digital campaign?  Consider the benefits, limitations and challenges.
  • What analytics did you choose and why? What are the benefits or limitations of the analytics used in your campaign?


How would you further use these tools and concepts to develop and inform a future growth strategy?

  • How would you grow the business?
  • How might different applications of the VPC support growth? (solution fit, in-the-bank fit)
  • What other analytic tools are available to you?  When might you use them and why?


What investment would you seek and how would you go about this?

  • What type of investment is most appropriate for your growth strategy and why? (this could be from multiple sources i.e. crowd, angel, personal savings)
  • What are the benefits, limitations and challenges associated with your choice?
  • Why are other options not appropriate?



Part 2 - Reflection

Reflect on the process you went through to create your online presence and digital campaign for your chosen product/service

Reflect on your individual journey, contributions and the dynamics within the team.

  • What are the main lessons learned from this experience?
  • How will these impact your contributions to future group work opportunities?

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