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As part of your studies in the sustainable construction module you need to identify a site in the United Kingdom that has major environmental problems in relation to historic pollution and contamination of the land.

Sustainable Construction

Assessment Title: Environmental Report on a polluted site in UK

Pollution and contamination of land continues to be a problem and in most cases has been caused by human activity in the previous centuries but continues to be an issue in the current century, Land fill sites, previous industrial sites, result in land contamination which in some cases contribute to increased releases of greenhouses gases contributing to the global warming causing flooding of urban centres both in the United Kingdom and throughout the World.

“Global Warming” is a complex issue and the debate as to whether it is the main cause of climatic change has been contested over the past twenty years by the large economic powers. However the outcome of the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference held in Paris in December 2015 would appear to have settled the debate and has charged the “International Community” to act in unison to deal with the problem. The international construction community have an opportunity to act by changing their current practices to reduce carbon emission for future generations.

As part of your studies in the sustainable construction module you need to identify a site in the United Kingdom that has major environmental problems in relation to historic pollution and contamination of the land.

Prepare a report on the site assessing the actual environmental impact of the pollution on the site, and on the local area and community.

Discuss various methods of remediation that can be adopted to mitigate the risk to human life and rehabilitate the site, so that it can be used for social housing in the future. Within your discussion debate the pros and cons of each method adopted.

Investigate methods that can be employed in the construction of the new buildings that will prevent any pollution or contamination entering the building via the ground and comment on the pros and cons of methods that could be employed.

The report should be fully referenced using the Harvard style making reference to legislation, regulations, European directives, and international protocols as well as referencing academic journal books and other peer reviewed documents. The use of maps and images within the report as well as tables should be used where appropriate.


Site identification and validity of sources of information used 10%

Reference to appropriate legislation / regulations/ standards 10%

Analysis of impact of pollution on site 20%

Solutions to the problem debated and justified 20%

Conclusion & recommendations 20%

Structure and presentation 10%

Referencing 10%

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